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    Who’s your favorite athlete?

    created by QueenBae 92 days 4 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: Sports

    Who’s your favorite athlete?

    Hey everyone,

    Who’s your favorite athlete?
    My favorite athlete would be the one and only Lebron James. I’ve been a fan for so many years. I feel like he’s a really good athlete and I love the fact that he does so much for the community. Lebron literally opened a school of his own called I Promise. He provides everything, so it’s free to attend for the students. He also has programs for parents to get involved in. I’ve been following his career even before he won any championship rings. He will forever be my all time favorite athlete.


    Re: Who’s your favorite athlete?

    Hey Regiknee,

    Yay, me too! Love Lebron, he's the best! I have gotten into a few arguments with people who say that Michael Jordan was the best in the NBA, No way! Michael was a great athlete, no doubt, but Lebron is better. He has to overcome so much, including better opponents and not as good teammates and we won't even talk about the officiating these days, LOL!

    In addition to the I Promise school, if a student graduates from there they get a free education at University of Akron. Just another thing he has done for his community. All the professional athletes who whine and complain about the way things are in this country should take a look at Lebron, a professional athlete who puts his money where his mouth is, trying to do something about it. And it all starts with $$$$.

    Thanks for the forum! Have a good one.


    Re: Who’s your favorite athlete?

    As a big soccer fan, my favorite athlete is Lionel Messi. he is one of the best soccer players ever. the reason he is so special and unique is because he has suffered a Down syndrome as a child. the team he plays in FCBarcelona has adopted him and provided the right treatment for him until 2005 where he was completely Fine and was ready to play professional soccer. He started to play for FCBarcelona and he still plays for them until this day. he has won 33 awards with them plus 5 Fifa Bal'on Dor (4 in a row). it is the trophy of the best player of the year. he is now 31 years old and he has scored around 625+ goals in his career, that is the most goals scored in soccer for that age. even tho he didn't win any international trophies. Lionel Messi drove his international team Argentina to the World Cup final in 2014 and to the round of 16 in World Cup 2018 after scoring a hat-trick on qualifying game that ended 3-0 and drove Argentina to the World Cup 2018. this is why Messi he is my favorite player and he will forever be my favorite player

    Re: Who’s your favorite athlete?


    I play soccer for my college and I cannot say that I am not a real soccer fan as well. My favorite athlete is Andres Iniesta, he is the greatest Spanish soccer player ever. Iniesta started his professional career playing for Barcelona FC where he was part of the best Barcelona and for some people the best team in the history. However, Iniesta is totally different in that all of them because he was not the stronger player or the skillful player, Iniesta was the smarter player on each field that he played. Iniesta played for many years with Lionel Messi and no question ask he made Messi win many FIFA Bal'on Dor (trophies regarding the best player of the world). However, Iniesta is not a striker, he is a midfielder that does not get all the flashes when he plays, but the few goals that Iniesta scored in his career compared with other players are way more relevant. Iniesta scored on the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Chelsea in 2008 in the last minute when Barcelona was about to lose the eliminatory, on the final Barcelona beat Manchester United and Iniesta performed one of his greatest game. But, the greatest goal that Iniesta made for the history of soccer was in 2010 in South Africa when he scored the only goal in the final against the Netherlands. Iniesta won a total of 32 trophies with Barcelona and Spain where 1 World Cup, 2 EuroCup, and 4 UEFA Champions League are the biggest titles on his career.

    Re: Who’s your favorite athlete?

    Yes. i totally agree with you. Andreas Inestia is a soccer legend. he have done so much in his soccer career. he is amazingly talented and everything. the reason i love Messi is just because the things he went through. it is really tough going from a poor family plus being a special kid to a professional soccer player. he inspires me and he makes me believe everything is possible with hard work and dedication. but i repeat again Inestia is one of the world greatest soccer players and he will definitely be remembered for ages, but every player is special in some kind of way or skill.