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    Live On Another Planet

    created by RaeannaC91 92 days 22 hours 7 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Live On Another Planet

    If it was possible to live on another planet and you were offered the chance to move and live on another planet, would you?

    For me, I don't think I could do unless some of my closest relatives were also moving with me although it would honestly depend on if communication was possible and how often we could visit Earth. Also it would depend on what forms of entertainment would be on this other planet. I have a 3 year old and he likes to do fun things even if it's just going to the local elementary school to let him play on the playground. I wouldn't want to move and there not be anything to do.

    Overall it's just hard to say for me. I think if I did want to move, I would want to wait until some people have been there for a while so I could decide from hearing their opinions if it's worth it or better than life on Earth. I know for sure I wouldn't want to be part of the first group to live on a planet even if we knew it was 100% safe to live on.

    Re: Live On Another Planet


    I would go for it, but only if my loved ones were also going there. The only thing stopping me wiuld probably be the idea of feeling lonely up there!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna