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    pro life or anti-abortion?

    created by cierra lyons 93 days 14 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: Politics

    pro life or anti-abortion?

    In the discussion of abortion, there are 2 sides: pro-life and pro-choice. The pro-choicers believe that it should be a women's right to choose what to do with her body. But, what about the pro-lifers? Are they actually supporting the life or just going against abortion? Do they believe the cells in the 1st trimester are the same as a live baby or do they just not want women to have the option of an abortion? Are they against the termination of pregnancy or against the thought of a woman taking a fetus from this world? If you are actually "pro-life", do you also fight for the lives of African Americans and the children separated from their parents because they are not citizens? Do you fight for the lost lives of minorities that were killed by police officers? Or do you just not like abortions?

    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?


    Your opiniom os very skewed. The right to abort has nothing to do with african americans and the children from.mexico.

    The governemnt has no right to tell a women what to do with her body. So she gets raped at a young age she is now forced to be a mother. or a person who can not take care of a child. Then the child is put into foster care. Its just a plethora of situations and does not cpme down to life and death , but the reality of life and if that baby will even have a quality of life once born.

    So I am pro-letting people make their choices and live their lives.


    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?


    @animal lover, I think when Cierra asked about pro-lifer's opinions on caring about black and brown lives, she meant, do the pro-life individuals care or advocate for the issues on the (LIVES) of black or immigrant lives? For example, black children being killed or immigrants being put (back) into danger/separated. Also, there was one report of a child dying after leaving the ICE facility because of the conditions they faced in the ICE facility.

    I think she's asking if their lives matter just as much as those fetuses.

    I might be completely off track, but correct me if I'm wrong.

    Great topic,

    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

    Hey all,
    Sensitive topic; I have a feeling it will be a long discussion so I wanted to jump in :)

    To me, when I think about pro-life and pro-choice, I think about the government arresting me for having an abortion, or looking into one. Who knows what they can put into place?!

    To me, it stops there. When the government wants to govern the land, that's fine. When it wants to govern my person, that's where I have a problem - regardless what's at stake.


    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

    I've heard of the argument that people who claim to be "pro-life" aren't really that, and they should be called "forced birth" because in reality, once a baby is born, these people who claim to be all in favor of protecting the unborn don't do squat to help with securing social services for these children who are born into poverty or bad situations. I'm not saying that that's the case for all, but abortion should be up to the woman to decide, and it's not any of my business what she does with her body. I've heard of another argument saying that if those who claim to be pro-life are truly wanting to stop abortions, or at least really decrease it, then they need to get on board with handing out condoms, contraception and passing laws that allow women access to it, and educating everyone about actual sex ed and sexual health, not abstinence. Let me be clear, I'm not saying that abstinence is a bad thing, but it's been shown that abstinence based sex ed programs don't work at all.

    In Sweden, it's been noted that women have more access to contraceptives like birth control, and what do you know, the abortion rate is really low!

    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

    Hi Cierra,

    You make great points and comparison of one life to another. I would say that it's more pro-choice or anti-choice. I don't necessarily agree with abortion, but I do believe it's not my decision or the government's decision to make. The same people who are against abortion are also opposed to family planning services in general - ie birth control and other contraceptives. So again, i would say it's not really pro life if you aren't willing to help prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.


    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

    Agree but I don't believe in abortions unless a person was rapped or more personnel hard core reasons most people do it after a bad break up, after having intercourse with multiple partners and so on but I wish they would limit and not make decision for Women. I disagree to having one I'm a mother and Regrets nothing. My daughter is eight and I have 38 Sibling our parents doesn't believe in any of the bs. ALL LIVES MATTER EVEN THOSE WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE INT HEIR OWN KIND. I grew out with the saying "We have no color, we bleed the same blood, we are made to be different in style with different attitudes but in this cold world nothing will ever change unless everyone can come to some kind of agreement even the Government and President" Once a person lays down willingly the should accept what they made or immediately take actions so the pregnancy does occur but somethings cannot be explained or even answer.

    Re: pro life or anti-abortion?

    I really don't understand the perspective of people who want to force unwanted children into society - even if they are born into dangerous situations that are not fit for a human being. I see a lot of foster children in my line of work, and it is amazing to see how many were taken away for having drugs in their system or birth defects caused by the biological mother's behavior during pregnancy. The simple solution is to take them away and put them in foster care; but is that really a solution?

    One of my students was in foster care and was placed in a home who was going to adopt her. Unfortunately for whatever reason, it ended up not working out and she moved to another foster home. Last time I saw her she was in May - I saw her again last week and her foster dad said he was her 5th home since May. Does anyone who wants to force these children ever think about the consequences to the child? Lack of security, trusting relationships, and worse. These are the children who grow up in group homes and end up repeating the cycle with their own children. Is that fair?

    Let's not even get into the cost of unwanted children to the parent, social services, medicaid, education, therapy, spread of illness, etc. Yet, people who want to force these women into having these children are also the same people fighting to raise taxes, end welfare, and eliminate the middle class.

    So again; is this fair?