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    Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    created by kltslp38 92 days 14 hours ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    Hi CNet Friends,

    Would you rather have a live in massage therapist or live in chef?

    This is a hard one because I am sore a lot but I would have to say a live in chef. I am so tired of thinking of things to cook for dinner and then having to cook it for my family. I am fresh out of ideas and then I hate making the mess and having to clean it up. How about you? Which would you rather have?

    I can't wait to read your responses!


    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    I want both! JK

    After a long day of work, a message and hot meal sounds incredible. This however is not the reality I live in, and have never had the fortune to experience domestic pleasures like these; but never say never! If I can achieve my academic goals and get a wonderful job that allows me to afford either one of these accommodations, I would say bring on the MASSAGE! I am an athlete who is getting older and could surely use some help with sore muscles and cramps. Yoga and stretching just don't seem to offer the relief from pain that I once knew. Plus, I do enjoy cooking when I can afford groceries. It is the inconvenience that can be troublesome, but a strong willed person will not allow such a thing to impede progress in the kitchen.

    Thanks for reading,


    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?


    I would definitely go with the chef. I enjoy cooking, but I just don’t really have time to make good meals. Especially breakfast. I would love for someone to cook me breakfast every day! Sometimes my husband does, but only when he’s working from home which isn’t that often. I’m always super hungry by like 8 am, but just no time in the morning!!

    Have a great night,

    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    Hi Karen,

    I’d choose a chef! It’s a hard choice but I can live without massages but I can’t live without food. I’m the laziest cook and sometimes if I don’t cook I’ll “forget” to eat. I was thinking today though that it’s bw nice to go get a massage. I’ve been breaking my back the whole summer and I’m about overdue for one!

    Great post!


    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?


    I refuse to choose , give me both.

    Massages are life and to find a perfect massuse would change my life. And then i would never have to cook again. Such a dream that I an going to make reality one day.


    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    Hey Karen,

    If I had to pick today, I'd definitely pick massage therapist! MY life has been extremely hectic and stressful lately and any other day I would definitely choose live in chef, but as of late, a good massage every day would really help with my stress levels.


    Re: Live in massage Therapist or live in Chef?

    Hey Karen,

    Both sound fantastic! I would have to go with live in Chef. I agree with you about meals, I am trying to lose weight and my whole day seems to be around food!!! What are we having for lunch what are we having for dinner, can we have breakfast out? These are questions I get asked on a daily basis!!! Oh my goodness the cleanup, the shopping the meal planning....enough already....ugh!!!! So yes a live in Chef would be so incredible!!!

    And, I am off to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner and the cycle!!!

    Great topic!

    Thanks for the forum,