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    Whats is your favorite party game?

    created by QueenBae 94 days 1 hour 43 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Whats is your favorite party game?

    Hey everyone,

    What’s your favorite party game? One of my favorite party games is Truth or Dare. This game is so much fun to me, I always have a good time playing. Some people play it with drinks involved. I feel like everyone can put their own spin on the game Truth or Dare. It’s a game you can definitely spice up and make it more interesting.


    Re: Whats is your favorite party game?


    My favorite party game is Cards Against Humanity. It is so much fun and can be really hilarious. It also helps you get to know others sense of humor. It always makes for a good time!

    - Wanderer

    Re: Whats is your favorite party game?

    I also love Cards Against Humanity! Balderdash has always been a family favorite for us. The list could go on, but those have always been my favorites.

    A game that keeps you laughing is always the way to go!


    Re: Whats is your favorite party game?

    Hi, we have played variations of that game & it can get really fun. I also like a giant jenga game or Pictionary to get people crazy.

    - W