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    What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    created by Auntiec 94 days 5 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hi CNet,

    Is anything causing you to feel stressed out today? Maybe it's a new schedule, routine or problem or maybe it's just an ongoing issue that comes back around and you woke up with it on your mind!


    I didn't sleep well last night because I couldn't stop thinking of the upcoming school year. It doesn't start for a few weeks still, but anytime I work in my room, my mind begins to go ninety to nothing! I finally have my classroom unpacked and rearranged and now I am working on curriculum. Every year is so different,,,so much still needs to be done. I know it will come together, but I am feeling the stress because ready or not, those cute little second graders will be there soon!!:)

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hey Auntiec!

    It sounds like you have a lot on your plate! But it also sounds like you are working on it. As long as you allot enough time to finish all of your tasks, and check things off one by one, you'll be ready! Good luck with the start of your semester!

    Currently I'm feeling stressed about having 2 exams and a presentation due this Wednesday. My presentation is 20 minutes long and over 3 disease processes. I have anxiety during public speaking, so I'm hoping I can at least get through my slides! I've had less time to study due to working on the presentation as well... here's to hoping we both do well!

    Thanks for the forum!

    It's nice to have a place to vent sometimes! :)

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?


    The thing that’s causing me to stress a lot right now is the upcoming school year. I have pressure to make all A’s this semester because I plan on transferring next semester for the spring. Transferring by its self is stressful because I pray that I get accepted, which is probably the most stress on me right now besides school.


    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hi Auntiec,

    I hope things look up soon! I know how well a bad night's sleep can affect your days and I hope that you'll sleep better tonight.

    I'm actually not stressed about anything at all right now. Not because I don't have anything to be stressed about, rather because I've been working on handling my stress so much that I don't feel stressed anymore. I hope to be able to maintain this long term because it is such a glorious feeling to be stress free and I am all too familiar with being super stressed.

    Monica M.

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hey Auntiec,
    I hope your stress alleviates soon!!

    My stress load is actually pretty low right now but last month while I was taking an 8 week class, it was pretty dang crazy. The workload for that class was really high and I was stressed with work and making sure I took care of everything at home, too. I bought an essential oil diffuser and started using that like crazy and got a massage. My massage therapist said I've had one of the tightest necks she's ever worked with...not good :(

    I have classes starting back up next week so I've made a monthly appointment for a massage to make sure I am not letting the stress harvest in my body. I think there will always be stressors with work and family and school but I've learned it is so important for your physical health to manage it appropriately.


    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    I have a project on my task list today that I wanted to complete last week. I'm missing ONE piece of information and having trouble getting it from the people who are supposed to help so it's really irritating me and I just want to move on.

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hi Auntiec,

    Good luck with your school year I am sure you will do great!!! Second grade is such a fun age!!! Sorry you are feeling stressed I am sure it will all work out you sound like an amazing teacher!!!

    Right now I am stressed about bills, bills, and more bills.!!! Recently my husband was in the hospital for some tests and we are being bombarded with medical bills...ugh!!!

    Have a great day and I hope all those stressed will get relief soon:)

    Thanks for the forum,


    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    My family and I have a vacation planned to leave the country this Thursday. The problem: I've got a ton of things to do for school, so it's a lot, but I know I can do it! It's the last week of school anyway, so today, I'm powering through!

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hi Auntiec,

    You sound like a very dedicated teacher and that you care a lot about having everything set up just right. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic year ahead and that as you prepare your stress will alleviate.

    Currently, I am stressed a bit about work. I am working on trying to get this new computer system down for charting clinic visits. I stress because I'm worried I'm not doing it right, not putting in enough detail and all these other things about it. I'm also stressed as two other nurses lost their jobs from our program and I don't know why. We have to have our contracts renewed every year. I got one this year but there are no guarantees for next year. I love my job and I would hate to loose it but I know I have to be ready for whatever life throws at me.

    - Wanderer

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hi Auntiec,

    I am so sorry for you and all the other posters to this forum about everything that is stressing you out. Please take care of yourself. Ask yourself: What will happen if I don't get this done by the deadline, or if it doesn't get done at all? Figure out what that is and make a plan for how you will handle it if it doesn't get done. I don't know if that will help you, but it does help me sometimes.

    I am stressing out about moving away from home and into a dorm for the first time. New roommate, a stranger. My boyfriend, going to a different college so I will not get to see him often enough. Not being at home, in my own room, with all my stuff and familiar surroundings and family. Classes that are tougher than in high school. Having to handle things on my own, no safety net. Ugh, Ok, I am not going to think about this now.........!

    Hang in there, you sound like a wonderful, caring teacher, and I am sure it will all come together even better than before.


    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?


    Starting my senior year of high school, thinking about my schedule for the year, and starting my Senior Project are all things I’ve been stressing out about with the start of the school year looming close in the future.

    Re: What's Causing You Stress Right Now?

    Hey there Auntiec,

    To start with, I'm sure with all your preparation, the next school year will go swimmingly! I will pray that your first day of class goes well and you click with your students! :)

    To answer, there are two major stressors in my life right now: 1) school starts next week and I'll be at a campus I'm unfamiliar with that is much larger than my last and 2) my income is very iffy right now. I desperately need to find a job and am applying to scholarships left and right in hope to alleviate the worries about money, but am constantly reminding myself to take a deep breath, pray and swallow my humility if need be and ask my Mother for some help. This forum actually reminded me to do the former, so thank you for it!

    Have a blessed week! Those second graders are gonna adore you and I'm sure classes will go well and fruitfully!