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    created by annabrigitte 146 days 15 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment


    Hey CNet!

    Do you like parties or are you more of a stay in person?

    I really enjoy parties! I don't go to a ton of them, but it's nice to relax and have fun with friends.

    Thanks for reading!

    - Anna

    Re: Parties

    Hey Anna!

    It all depends on how I’m feeling. If I know a good friend is going to a party, I’ll also go. If there isn’t anyone that I know, I’ll stay home and relax.

    Re: Parties

    Hi Anna!

    I'm not a huge partier, and I really prefer smaller things like kickbacks. That being said, if the time is right and I'm in the right mood, I really enjoy myself! I just can't do it too often or I get bored haha.

    All the best,

    Re: Parties

    Wassup party persons!

    I honestly love music and dancing more than any human being should so it would make sense for me to say I do not enjoy a good people. If the music and food are great I will probably come out. AND IF THERE IS FOOD. I am most definetly going to show up.

    But as soon as I get tired I will go home!

    With party love Shayla,

    Re: Parties

    Hi Anna,

    It’s ironic. I’m kind of a shy person. I won’t go out of my way to introduce myself to someone new and I don’t like being the center of attention. But, I do really enjoy going to parties and seeing my friends. When I’m around them, I feel at ease. This summer I graduated and I got to go to a lot of graduation parties. It has been a really fun summer because of that.

    Have a great day!