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    Do you want children someday?

    created by Princess Manapua 146 days 53 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Do you want children someday?

    Good Morning CollegeNet!

    The older I get, the more I start to think about when the right time for having kids would be. I was never one of those people who thought about having children or it was never really a strong desire within me to want them. I realize that for some people that sense can be very strong. I am definitely not ready for them, but I am still unsure if I'll ever want them. When I think about having kids of my own, it sounds like a nice idea in theory... but they are a huge personal and financial investment, your life becomes all about their life, and you have this immense responsibility to raise an emotionally and physically well-balanced human in society while maintaining your own sanity. How do you feel about kids, CollegeNet peoples? Are you excited by the idea of children someday? or the opposite? Do you feel a child of your own would be too much for you in this life?

    For those with kids already, how have they impacted your life in ways good and bad?

    Re: Do you want children someday?

    Good afternoon,

    I would love to have kids someday, although I am only 18 right now, so I have a few years before that will be a reality. There is a Bible verse about storing up your treasures instead of using them for good, and spending my money on taking care of my family is something that I feel strongly about.

    The responsibility of raising well-balanced humans is a daunting one, but if we all waited until we were ready for it, humans would cease to exist, haha.

    Have an awesome day!


    Re: Do you want children someday?

    This is always a super tough question. I mean my grandma and step mom have asked more than once "where are your kids I want to play with them already" to which my typical response is usually "Well I can't do it by myself!". But I'm definitely in the same boat as you where I feel like I'm definitely not ready for them at the moment. Loans, starting the career, I barely have enough time to give crickets to my chameleon let alone create a healthy functioning member of society that vaguely looks like me. Hopefully they'd look more like their mother, poor kid.

    If I had the stability/income to handle it more comfortably...I mean....ahhhh I don't know! I don't want kids right now. But I also think I'd be an absolutely fantastic father. I'm a goofy, loving, empathetic nerd who adores stories and forts. And I have a respectable amount of life wisdom and don't want to hold kids to some shitty societal standard of gender behavior. I also don't have someone to have a kid with, so just....ack.

    At this point I have a pretty basic approach to it; I can't do it alone so I'm going to keep working on me and let life do its thing. If I find myself with someone I could raise a child with, and she looks at me and says "baby time", well, you heard the lady it's baby time. And if that doesn't happen (far more likely) I'm still gonna be an awesome dad type, just without kids, and a lot more savings in the retirement.

    I could go either way, and I'm sure would be very happy either way. But whether it's cultural or just me or curiosity there is still a quiet whisper telling me my kids would be hilarious. I mean the pranks I could pull on them, oh man...and I think it's something that could take your relationship with the person you made the baby with to another level too, and I'm deeply interested in that.

    Maybe I'll adopt. Like. A Hamster. It's almost the same.

    Re: Do you want children someday?

    Aloha Princess,

    To be honest I am really not completely sure that I want kids. As an adult I have gone back and forth on this issue and have gone through phases where I really wanted kids in the future and other phases when I was completely dead set against it. Ultimately, I want to be happy and if that includes children then that's fine but if it doesn't include children that's ok too. I think what it will come down to is what me and my partner decide together what is right for us and our lifestyle. I want to do lots of traveling and kids can make that difficult. Also, I do consider the overpopulation of our world and want to be thoughtful about that factor when it comes to having children. At the same time, I wonder if I want to miss out on the experience of motherhood and what it means to be a parent. No doubt having children would be a complete joy but it is also a huge responsibility. I would want to make sure that my partner and I are equipped to raise a happy healthy child and that we could enjoy that profound experience together.

    - Wanderer

    Re: Do you want children someday?


    As of right now, I do not want kids. It is so much responsibility and if I’m going to be a parent, I’d want to be totally focused on my kid and not distracted by my career- which is something I’m not sure I’d be willing to give up. Plus, this world is so crazy I can’t imagine trying to raise a child in it. But who knows what the future holds. If I do decide to be a parent, I think I’d adopt! I know it’s a tough process but I can’t imagine bringing another human being on this planet while there are so many babies without a home.


    Re: Do you want children someday?


    I feel like I was born to be a mom! Haha I love kids and can’t wait to have a few of my own someday soon!



    Re: Do you want children someday?

    Hi, yes I do want some kids someday, but after I have finished my degree and have a good job. First, I have to find a girl that I want to be in a serious relationship with and then lead to marriage. Right now that sounds like a long way off but you never know. I want to be very involved in my kid's lives and coach them in sports like my dad did with me.

    - W

    Re: Do you want children someday?

    You are right there are a lot of responsibilities when it comes to raising a child. However, I will not let society stop me from having a little mini me or a little one like my boyfriend some day. Kids to me are something I will have when the time is right. They make life crazy, but in a fun way. I grew up babysitting as a summer job and it allowed me to use my imagination to get to know kids a little easier and in a fun way. I know use that to my best ability when I’m at work and deal with sick kids. Makes their stay a little less scary and a little more fun. They are innocent heaven sent beings and I hope one day I do have one.

    Re: Do you want children someday?


    I do want kids one day. I only want two kids, a girl and a boy. Kids are a lot of responsibility and very time consuming. Although I’ve always wanted children of my my own one day. Maybe in the future I will find someone to build a family with.


    Re: Do you want children someday?


    I had a kid when I was 20, she is wonderful and I love her more than anything, she is 6 now, I will say, it's amazing watching them grow, learn, and start to converse with you. I had a daughter with a woman who I only dated for 4 months, we never really got along after that and are two different people, so what I am saying is, I love my kid, someday I would like to have a family where it is me, a girlfriend or wife and a kid, basically I would love to have a family some day.

    Good post, thanks,


    Re: Do you want children someday?


    I do want children someday. I wouldn't rush into it because the level of responsibilities. I have watched my family and friends struggle raising kids. Now that I'm in my 30s, I would like to a family of my own.

    Have a great day!