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    When will you graduate?

    created by bluebella 147 days 2 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    When will you graduate?

    Hey everyone!

    When do you plan to graduate with your degree? How long will your studies have taken you at that point?

    How long do you plan on competing on collegenet until you're a graduate? Do you have a set goal or are you just going week by week?


    I took 5 years to complete my degrees: 3.5 years for my B.S. and 1.5 years for my M.Arch.

    I'm taking collegenet week by week, but hoping to graduate within a year - I've been on since 2014!


    Re: When will you graduate?


    I will graduate from MSU on 2020. I'm in my junior year (I will start in the fall). I'm so excited.


    Re: When will you graduate?


    I will be graduating hopefully this December. Praying to God that I do because nursing school is so hard and challenging. I have been on college net for one tear now. I didn’t start participating until few months ago. I tried at the beginning but had no luck so i gave up to quickly which i shouldn't have. I am hoping to graduate from here this time next year hopefully lol.

    I love being here with the great community! Very supportive and uplifting people :)
    Thanks for reading!

    Re: When will you graduate?

    I graduated with my doctorate last month! Whew!!

    I graduated from CNet three years ago. I was very disappointed because I wasn't sure how I was going to pay for my tuition. But then my new job had a tuition reimbursement program. So I was able to get it taken care of for the most part.