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    Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    created by Eddie Hyatt 144 days 3 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Do you have a lot of student loan debt? Is CollegeNet really helping with that?

    I currently have $12,500 in school debt so far.

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hey Hey!

    I am hoping CNET can help. I am about to finish my undergrad and have about 20 to 30k in debt. I haven't won a scholarship yet but I am plugging away trying to get there.

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    HI Eddie,

    I feel slammed for sure! Like Slynch, I have between 20 to 30k in student loan debt. I am new to Cnet,,,I haven't won yet but will keep trying too! It's also informative and fun to explore the forums and get to know the people posting.


    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hi, sad to hear you are in debt and I hope you get a high paying job after college to pay those off. So far I and my brothers have been able to avoid debt. My brother who attended WSU worked summers in Alaska to help pay for his tuition, along with help from my parents and another brother and I have earned scholarships to help us so far. My brother is also close to getting an internship to help him with expenses.

    - W

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?


    I was in college for 7 years and I think I got you beat a couple times over lol So thing scholarship is vary important to me!



    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hey Eddie,

    Im so far in debt, but with all of your help I’ve been able to win several CollegeNET scholarships this year and pay off three loans already!

    Thanks for the forum and the votes! Good luck paying off your debt :)


    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hello ,

    I am 10,000 in student loan debt. Thanks to a traditional school that first of all didn’t do what they said they were going to do . And on top of that they didn’t help me look for a job after I finished . I hate because it was just a waste of my time and now I have a 10,000 loan in collections .

    Whatever I win through collegeNET is going to be going towards that loan.


    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?


    I am in 20k debt. I have been trying to win scholarship on here so I can pay half of it off. It's so hard being a single mother, going to school and working at the same time. I have been getting help from financial aid assistance but i still need to take out loans. I think by the time i am done I will need to pay around 40k

    Have a great day!

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hi Eddie,

    Thankfully, I do not have any student debt. I suppose I can say one good thing about losing a job that paid well made me eligible for additional aid. CNet will be paying for two quarters to complete my AA and I should have just about enough left over for my first year at a university. After that though, who knows. I'm trying to avoid loans like the plague.

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    I don't have any student debt yet, but I'll be attending USC which is 54,000 a year for 2 years... and then I'll be going to grad school for 3 years... So I see myself being in a lot of debt in the future. It seems like my money just goes to bills and I never have any money to save. Im really praying to get a scholarship in the new future.

    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hi Eddie

    Yes! I didn’t start out with too much but a kept deferring paying off the student loans and the interest kept building and building , I am trying CNET to try and get a little ahead but have not won anything yet, can’t hurt to try though , right?


    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Hey Eddie!

    I graduated with about $30k in student debt from my undergrad and masters degrees, which I didn't think was too bad. However, I didn't pay on them the entire time I was in school because they were in deferment, out of sight, out of mind. Even when they're in deferment, they acquire interest THE WHOLE TIME, which I didn't understand when I deferred them. $30k turned into $43k with interest and my monthly payments slapped me in the face. I felt like a fool when I started getting my bills. If you can, pay the interest now while you're in school. It will save you THOUSANDS in the long run.

    CNET is the only way I'm making my payments right now, which is why I'm on here every day. My monthly payments are almost $500. CNET is the only site I've found that will help you pay your loans that you've already acquired. I'm extremely grateful I found out about this site. After I graduate from CNET, I'm hoping to find another side hustle to get the rest of my loans paid off.

    Thanks for the forum! Good luck to everyone working hard to get that education and pay off loans, too!


    Re: Are You Buried in Student Debt?

    Heck yeah and it’s terrible! I am actually working on my MBA and CNET has been an absolute blessing to me! I’ve been able to pay for 3 classes so far and I think that’s huge! I was really struggling with how I was going to pay for the rest of my degree because I really want to finish it but I refuse to take out any more student loan debt. A friend had mentioned CNET and I figured I had nothing to lose!

    This is why I refuse to let my children take out student loans. My husband and I have started multiple savings accounts and CDs for them so hopefully that in addition with scholarships, will help them get a solid education.

    My husband and I are actually trying to buckle down a plan now so I can at least try and have them paid off before my kids start high school (insert major eye roll).