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    created by annabrigitte 143 days 1 hour 34 minutes ago

    Category: Science


    Hey CNet!

    Are you afraid of spiders?

    I thought of this because I've seen so many in my house within the past couple of days. I'm not really afraid of spiders. I don't like them on me/touching me, and am weary of them if I know that they're poisonous, but I won't freak out or anything.

    Thanks for reading!

    - Anna

    Re: Spiders

    Hi Anna,

    I myself am not afraid of spiders. I don’t mind them. I’m good with anything that has legs. Snakes on the other hand are a totally different story. Deadly afraid of snakes.


    Re: Spiders

    Hey Anna,

    I am not afraid of spiders. In fact I usually won't even kill one unless it is HUGE or it looks like it would really hurt if it bit me.

    I have a sister who is petrified of spiders. She will go running and screaming if she sees one.

    I think my tolerance for spiders comes from my childhood and the movie "Charlotte's Web"....LOL!

    Thanks for the forum!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Spiders


    I am very afraid of spiders. when ever I see one I start screaming. the funny thing is yesterday I was going to my clinical rotation and i thought there was a spider in my car while I was in the parking lot. I screamed so loud that everyone came running to me haha and you know in the hospital setting everyone thinks of the worst. It was funny but not really. It wasn't a spider it was a tiny bug that flew inside the car when I rolled my windows down.

    Have a nice day!

    Re: Spiders

    Hi Anna,

    I wouldn't say that I am afraid of spiders but I don't want to find any crawling on me! When I lived in Oklahoma, tarantulas were common and plentiful. I now live in Montana and there are black widows around. Luckily, I have never had either of those in the house!

    I have a funny spider story ,,,it's about my sister. When she was about five, we found her crying her eyes out and she wouldn't tell anyone why. This behavior lasted a few hours and she began adding the thought that she was going to die. Here's what happened,,,she came across a spider that had dropped down on its thread. She went to blow it out of the way. However, she sucked it in and swallowed it instead. She seriously thought she was going to die! Haha!!To this day, she is still Leary of spiders!

    Enjoy your day,


    Re: Spiders

    Hello Ana!

    I don't typically mind spiders all that much. I'll happily let them crawl all over me if they're chill, but if a lot start showing up out of nowhere or it looks like it might be venomous I tend to get worried. If I do see any inside, I do my best to let them out safely.

    Thanks for the forum, and I hope everyone has an awesome day/night!