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    What Activities are you in?

    created by Angelina Walker 144 days 15 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What Activities are you in?


    School clubs and groups are a great way to set individualism in everyone whether used in Scholarships or job applications. I want to know what activities you're into and why.

    enjoy your day!


    Re: What Activities are you in?


    I'm not super involved on campus; I definitely need to work on that! I am, however, a member of a sorority (Delta Gamma) and the president of the Club for Animal Respect and Education. I was also on the club lacrosse team last year, but I didn't continue since it was a big time commitment. I'm excited to read other responses; maybe they will inspire me to join those activities!

    XOXO Karly

    Re: What Activities are you in?


    I participate in many activities such as French Cub and gardening club. I try to stay involved so I don't isolate myself. I can get pretty wrapped up in my school work. Therefore , I tend to stay home a lot.

    Thanks for the forum !


    Re: What Activities are you in?

    Hello Angelina!

    I'm not involved in too many clubs right now but I'm hoping to join more sophomore year! I've been a part of our society for the Protection of Animal Welfare all year, and I joined the society of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility this past semester. I'm also an unofficial member of the Black Student Association on campus. I'm hoping to become more involved on campus, but I only plan to join one more club next semester. I'd rather not overwhelm myself!

    Thanks for the forum, and I hope everyone has a wonderful day/night!