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    Tell me about you 5 things!!

    created by Nichole B90 145 days 18 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Tell me about you 5 things!!

    So I have taken a three year break and am back finally!

    It has been hard getting used to being back and I am trying so hard to dedicate myself to can't the way I used to. This has been a transition I have wanted to begin for a while and now am doing and hoping to stick to.

    So with that said please tell me FIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU!!

    One to two sentences, 5 things... So many people here and can't wait to learn a little about each of you!! Wish you all the best in all that you do and all the goals you pursue each day!!

    I'll start with a short intro first

    1. I have 5 kids two that are my step children

    2. I am pursuing a pH.d in psychology to be a Psychology college professor

    3. My favorite subjects in school are Psychology, criminal justice, and English!

    4. I am from Maryland and Washington,DC

    5. I am pursuing my second degree as I have a bachelors in technical management with a concentration on Criminal justice

    Nice to meet you all... Also my name is Nichole and most people call me Nikki!

    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    Also, please include where you are from as one of the five.

    Very cool to see where we all are from and seeing how we are all from all over the world.

    And to anyone whom was here when I was here before, how have yalla been?? Who was here a few years ago?? Any oldies but goodies here still?

    What's new to can't guys, fill me in a bit on anything I need to know that has recently been changed here on Cnet!

    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    Hey Nikki!

    Okay, here are mine.

    1) I am pursuing my Bachelor's of the Fine Arts with a major in Textiles and a minor in Visual Studies.

    2) Though my main passion is within the arts, I also really enjoy philosophy!

    3) I am from California

    4) I studied abroad in Germany for my junior year of high school, and I'm fluent in German.

    5) I'll be going into my junior year of college this upcoming fall!

    Nice to meet you!

    - Anna

    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    Hey Nichole!

    Welcome back! I am pretty new to cNET. All that has changed since I have been on is some technical issues with creating forums and that kind of thing. Well,

    1) I was born in Wisconsin but I spent most of my growing-up years in Southeast Asia

    2) I am pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Nursing

    3) I love sports and exercise

    4) I am working two jobs this summer

    5) I am hoping and planning to graduate debt-free! (which is part of why I am on this site)

    What is the second degree that you are pursuing?

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    Hi Nikki,

    Here are a few things about me,,,

    1. I live in Montana.

    2. I am married. I don't have any children.

    3. I am an elementary school teacher,,,2nd grade.

    4. In my spare time, I like to read, garden and explore the great outdoors.

    5. I am looking forward to summer. I will be working part time, visiting out of state family and recharging my batteries before going back to teaching in the fall.

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the forum,


    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    1) I like writing. My favorite place to write is while commuting.

    2) I'm not french, but I eat like the french. Meals are my favorite activities and I put a lot of effort into what I eat, like texture and color. I like eating alone or eating in groups. I actually have a portable stove at work so I can cook my meals during lunch and it helps me with my stress.

    3) I'm learning Spanish

    4) I want to be a children author someday

    5) I used to be scared of dogs growing up but now I'm not

    Re: Tell me about you 5 things!!

    1) I’m Ecuadorian and I reside in Illinois

    2) I’m going to graduate high school next year.

    3) I love art.

    4) I’m almost 17 and I’m still scared of E.T

    5) I’m trying to learn Italian.