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    How did you meet your best friend?

    created by Auntiec 147 days 12 hours 35 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How did you meet your best friend?

    Hi CNET! I hope your week is going well!

    I am lucky to have some amazing friends in my life! How about you? How did you meet your best friend? Do you have any life long or childhood friends? Do you remember how you met?


    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    Hi CollegeNet

    So how I met my best friend? During my freshman year, I started the school late. So, when I went to school I did not know anybody. I was alone. But a guy came up to me, asked my name and he presented himself. Then I started talking with him. Later on, I fell welcome to work with him. Indeed, when I saw him, he had a good vision and was open. From there we were very close sharing our ideas. Even when I left the school we still talking.

    Re: How did you meet your best friend?


    I have known most of my best friends sense 1st grade!


    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    Hey auntiec,

    I have known my best friend my entire life. Our parent's went to high school together, thus it's been forever! We have gone on family trips together growing up, played travel soccer together, basketball, went to the same high school and middle school, and actually just celebrated our 30th birthdays together in Mexico last week.
    I couldn't imagine my life without her. we have never gotten into an argument, we are super supportive of each other and it's always a lot of laughs when we're together!


    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    Hi and thanks for responding!

    I can relate to all three of you on the topic of friendship! I have several friends that I have had since childhood and also call a few that I have met fairly recently my best ones.

    The friends from childhood are ones that I rarely see but we stay in touch through email and texts. When I do see them in person, we pick right up with no awkward pauses due to time and distance. That seems so rare and I don't take it for granted!

    My most recently made best friends are a couple of girls that I work with. I feel pretty confident that we will be friends for life too. They are the kind I could call at two in the morning and they would come to my rescue.

    True friends are few and far between and I really value their loyalty and presence in my life!

    Have a great day,


    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    Cool topic!

    Nice to meet you all, am back to can't after a break that lasted way too long due to a lot of unfortunate events.

    My best friend and I met in the neighborhood we grew up in, pretty typical...

    We met at 7 and I am now going on 28 so it's really cool that we still are best friends and have so much we can share or have experienced with each other.

    She is older, yet she was shy, so we met due to my personality and inviting her to play with all my other friends and me.

    She was new to the neighborhood and I had lived there for years and from the first week we clicked. We were inseparable, and more like sisters.

    I have had a couple best friends in my life, but this is by far the longest and #1 of my best friends.

    My second best friend and I actually met through my God brother. This is an incredible story when you think about it because we were not the type to be best friends, she liked to fight and I was more on my bike and playing sports or being a tomboy. Long story short, when I was 13 her and my God brother got pregnant with my God son. Whom now is like a real son of mine and is now 14 years old!! My good brother died 8 years ago and this relationship me and her have formed is like no other!!!!

    Thanks for the topic, felt great to share!

    Re: How did you meet your best friend?


    I actually met my current best friend in one of my loneliest moments of middle school. All of my friends then had been boys and as they grew older they spent less and less time with me until two moved over the summer and I had no one at all. It was just then when I met her, though she wouldn't want me saying her name to anyone I or she didn't know. It was at band class in sixth grade when we first truly met and got to know each other aside from being classmates.

    I consider her my sister to this day, thanks for the forum!

    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    I met my best playing online video games, silly enough. We met through some mutual friends and have been friends ever since (going on 14 years.) We met around the middle of high school for both of us and we are now both in college and graduated from college and still keep in touch on the daily. We lived around 8 hours away from me but did go to the same college and he stuck around the area. Later in life we actually started dating and are now married. We lucked out to met each other!

    Good topic!

    Re: How did you meet your best friend?

    Hello Auntiec,
    I, unfortunately, lost my best friend. No, she isn't dead, but my family felt like she was a bad influence and I was forced to not talk to her again. I miss my best friend so much and I wish I could see her again. I meet her in high school, in American government class, 9th grade. I do have childhood friends but we don't talk anymore. I don't remember how I met my childhood friends either.