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    created by bluebella 148 days 22 hours 16 minutes ago

    Category: World


    How do you keep your whites pearly?

    How much do you spend on your toobrushes? Do you get them in a pack or one at a time? Do you use an electric toothbrush or an ol’ fashioned regular one? Do you floss, too?


    Re: Toothbrushes

    Hey Bella!

    I don't spend a whole lot on toothbrushed, I get them in packs of 6 or so.

    I stick to old fashioned ones. They're more affordable and I don't know that it makes a huge difference.

    Yes I floss! So important to do.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Toothbrushes

    Hi, I recently visited the dentist and learned the hard way how important flossing is to your teeth. I have to go back because I have a small spot developing between my teeth because I haven't been flossing. I have had both a regular toothbrush and an electric one. I really liked the electric and need to get a new one. Advice for the day - floss your teeth!

    - W

    Re: Toothbrushes

    I have a sonicare toothbrush and I love it. I also have an airflosser which is the single best dental care purchase I have ever made. My dentist says it's the closest thing to flossing that's not flossing (better than a waterpiq), and I use it twice a day.

    Re: Toothbrushes


    I have a normal tooth brush. I change it every 2 months or when ever i have a cold. It’s recommended that you definetly throw away your toothbrush after you have a cold. I also get one every 6 months of going to the dentist. I brush twice a day. Sometimes three depending if i eat food that has garlic or onions lol. I also floss daily. Teeth are just so important to take care of and they should last life time if you do a good job by eating healthy and brushing them.

    Have a great night!

    Re: Toothbrushes

    Hey there!
    I get very fixated on my teeth and keeping them white. My favorite way to whitening them is at a local tanning salon they offer a whitening treatment with a UV light. They fill a mouth tray with some concoction and you leave it in your mouth while a UV light is pointed at your teeth. It stings a little but there is no after affect or sensitivity. I was so scared about sensitivity because the whitening strips make me so sensitive!! I always floss twice a day and brush three times. Just have a tooth brush the dentist sends me home with for free. If you feel a cavity forming, tea tree oil helps treat it naturally. Thanks for reading!

    Re: Toothbrushes

    Electric toothbrush is where it's at!! I have noticed a huge difference in how clean and white my teeth are from using an electric toothbrush. Since my children watch me brush my teeth, I've bought them the kids electric toothbrushes and it has helped motivate them to enjoy brushing their teeth!


    Re: Toothbrushes

    Hey Hey!

    I have an electric toothbrush that is pretty sweet. But I found gargling with bleach gets my teeth super white. The Dr.'s at the hospital always say how great my teeth look while they beg me to stop gargling bleach. (Do not even think about gargling with bleach, I am joking and you know it).

    Re: Toothbrushes

    Good Morning Bella!

    I am a dental health freak! HA

    I am very picky about my toothbrush and prefer a soft Oral 3B version that comes with a tounge/cheek brush. I know that makes me sound picky but ,,, I kinda am! I prefer an old-fashioned toothbrush over the electronic kinds too.

    I do floss but, probably on the order of every other day.

    And, I whiten my teeth with a kit I got from the dentist.

    Thanks for the forum,


    Re: Toothbrushes


    I personally have a tooth brush that I use for about a minute every morning and night. I’m fairly good at keeping that routine, and recently I started flossing religiously. I think taking care of your teeth is super important, and there’s nothing nicer than a big white-toothed smile!


    Re: Toothbrushes


    I have a regular one. I brush twice a day. Sometimes 3 times

    Re: Toothbrushes


    I tend to use to a normal toothbrush to maintain teeth health. I tend to brush 2-3 times a day or even after each meal.