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    Go to place for studying?

    created by jwade13 148 days 3 hours 37 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Go to place for studying?

    Good morning CNet,

    Where is your go-to place for studying? Is it a library? A room in your house?

    I find that I try to study in my office at home, but it's still hard to focus. I've studied in the kitchen, I've studied at our town library, and still haven't found a location that really allows me to focus.

    That's where I need your help. What study location works best for you?


    Re: Go to place for studying?


    My favorite place to study is the sunroom in our house. It juts out into our backyard and all the windows allow me to see the trees and the creek, and I can hear the birds chirping while I work. It is a very peaceful, calm environment and I can really focus there.

    Have a great day!


    Re: Go to place for studying?

    Hi Jess!

    I think depending on my attitude: if I am driven or stressed or having trouble focusing, all of this will change.

    I love pretty coffee shops and feel as though Im a part of many coffee shop communities now. Its fun to see locals frequent the same areas, and I have gotten very comfortable in these spaces.

    I also love nature, and if theres a place with a pretty scene for me, it helps me to be around this. Good views keep me calm and appreciative even if my workload is stressful!


    Re: Go to place for studying?

    Hi Jess,

    I usually go to a computer lab to do my school work. It is a big lab so it’s pretty much empty most of the times, thus provide me an ideal place for studying without any distractions. The air-conditioner there is also great. What’s more, I also get a chance to work with two monitors (screens) at the same time, which ensures the best convenience for me.

    Thanks for the forum,

    Have a wonderful day!

    - Kevin -

    Re: Go to place for studying?

    Hey Jess,

    My favorite place to study is definitely the living room and sometimes the bedroom. I'm more productive at home with nobody around. I have tried the library but sometimes it does not work for me. I tend to challenge myself to study more at home because I can get a snack and take small breaks I between lol.

    Have a good day JAW!!


    Re: Go to place for studying?

    Hello Jess!

    My spot really depends on my mood and how much work I have to do. If I'm behind I'll try and find a spot where lots of other people are working as well, as a helpful push to work along with them. If I'm pretty caught up and just want to think, I'll either find a really secluded room or a nice quiet spot outside. I try to avoid my room because I associate with relaxation too much for me to get any real work done. I also try to switch to a totally new space every so often to make sure that I don't get too comfortable in one spot.

    Hope you find your perfect spot!