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    How to manage stress in life

    created by Muka10 148 days 12 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    How to manage stress in life

    Hey CNET,

    How to manage stress in life?


    Re: How to manage stress in life


    So I am under a lot of stress right now too. My suggestion is to sleep well, eat healthy, try to exercise to get rid of the toxic thoughts and do something about your stress such as if you are having a problem face it rather than running away from it or avoiding it. It's good to talk to someone about you stress so it doesn't build up inside.

    Hope it helps!
    Have a great night!

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    I agree with everything Nancy mentioned! that is great advice :)

    I would add have fun once in a while and relax!

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    I just so happen to be taking a class on how to manage stress (luckily for me, I can apply it to the six elective credits I need to graduate!). My best resources are to watch the TED talk forum by Brene Brown on her talks on vulnerability, shame, and how to make failure into a stepping stone. I would also suggest getting her book "The Gifts of Imperfection". It's a small book, but I've read 45 pages so far, and it's really good! I can't give too much advice since I started the class last week, but I do know that it's important to take care of yourself and know when you need a break. One of the biggest things that we're being encouraged to do is to try and take moments to yourself throughout the day and just relax, either through meditation or just doing something that is both relaxing and a way to unwind. Hope this helps, and have a good day!

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    Hey Muka,
    When life gets stressful, I try and take a deep breath and remember what I am grateful for. I also find that praying each night about what I am stressing about has helped me greatly and relying on God for guidance.

    I also find that a good workout tends to help me feel better and eliminate stress too!


    Re: How to manage stress in life

    Hey Muka,

    I manage stress by not over-committing to things. I also keep in mind that everything is temporary. I'm working at trusting God and the process more and remembering that He will always provide a solution, and that He tells us not to worry- He's handling it. It's not always easy to remember that we're not in control, but it's something I'm working on moment by moment!

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    Hi Muka!

    I recently listened to a podcast talking about comfort zones, and it spoke a lot about how many people were fearful to leave their comfort zones. The advice they gave to overcome this spoke a lot about forcing yourself to dig deeper into the reasons you are fearful, and how to picture the worst case scenarios then give yourself solutions or ways out once you get there. This train of thought allowed them to leave their comfort zones and really take risks that have got them far in life. I found this to be really similar to stressful situations and learning how to set priorities for yourself and balance your work load. If your spread thin, what risks or sacrifices can you make to get to a place where you no longer feel this way? If you do this, what is the worst thing that could happen, and what could you do to fix that?

    Heres the podcast:

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    hey there!
    i manage stress in life by making sure i save time for myself. I like to have alone time and treat myself to small things like a coffee or something of the sort. be patient and persistent! loved reading these responses great question :)

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    Hey Muka!

    I manage stress in my life by trying to stay on top of all of my schoolwork, and getting things done ahead of time when I can. I try not to procrastinate when it comes to any of my schoolwork, so that I can make sure that I have done everything in a timely manner, and can leave some time for myself whenever possible. I de-stress by exercising, drinking tea, watching a movie or TV show, or working on crafts.

    Have a great day!

    - dymphie

    Re: How to manage stress in life

    Hi, I don't typically do well with stress in my life as I tend to ignore issues that I do not like very much. I do like alone time if I feel upset in some way. My brothers will go punch the punching bag we have or go work out at the gym. Playing with my dog is also a good de-stressor. Animals are the best for cuddles and fun.

    - W