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    Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    created by creativealex 148 days 12 hours 24 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hello everyone on Cnet!

    Do you guys sell items or clothing on websites such as ebay, craiglist, depop, mercari, etc? Do you ever buy items from these places?

    I have used a lot of these apps to try to earn money and to minimize the amount of clothing I have. I was wondering what has been the most successful for those who have sold things as well.

    If you don't use any of those platforms, do you like thrifting? I personally love thrifting! Half of my closet has been thrifted. It's nice knowing that I'm helping the environment and also helping my bank account, LOL.

    Let me know your thoughts,


    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey Alex!

    I've never sold items online and I rarely buy things like clothing (usually I buy stuff like books), but I do thrift a lot!

    When I'm clearing out my closet, I usually go to buffalo exchange. It hasn't made me a ton of money or anything, but it's been good for clearing out and getting a little something back.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey Alex!

    Because I have a younger brother, he has gotten a lot of my old clothes throughout my life. Otherwise, I give them to Goodwill. The majority of my clothes were purchased in thrift stores or were free shirts I got for volunteering, from my work, etc. I never pay full price for clothing. Good that are new are so expensive! I'd much rather pay less than $10 for an article of namebrand clothes at a thrift store, since you can find stuff that is still in really good shape. Just the other day I got a very nice, perfect condition Calvin Klein polo shirt at Goodwill. It was an awesome deal!

    If you can't find it at a thrift store, you can get it at a store like T.J. Maxx, where you buy new stuff but from previous seasons, so it is significantly cheaper.

    Haha, I am like you Alex. I am happy wit anything that will help my bank account!

    Thanks for the forum and keep saving $$$$!


    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey girl,
    I am 100% addicted to thrifting. I have found so much joy in going to the thrift store multiple times a week for over five times now. Needless to say, I have an insane amount of clothes. When I kept up with it the most, the best app for me was depop. There was a point I would make around $50-100 a week. Its a lot of work, but the people on the app are more into "vintage" thrifted clothes than brand names and such. I find posh mark's audience really like brand names. Hope this helps! Happy shopping!!

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey Alex!

    Yes, I use all of the above! I love Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up for selling bigger items, like furniture. I consider myself a minimalist, and having too much stuff clutters my mind as well as my space.

    I love shopping for clothes (if I need new ones) at thrift stores as well, because I don't like to spend a ton of money on clothing. I'd prefer to spend that money on a trip, or on paying off my student loans so I don't have the payment anymore!

    Thanks for the forum!

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hi Alex!

    I don't usually buy much from websites but, there is a local online "thrift shop" that I have gotten a few things from. It is mostly because of the no return policy or the hassle of making returns through the mail. The only exception to that would be Amazon or Those are real time savers for me.

    I have a friend that shops on those sites like crazy and loves it though. She has a lot of success too.

    I love thrift store shopping and have had great luck with it! The only draw back is it is a bit time consuming sorting through things. So, I like it more when I'm not pressed for time. It is great for saving money and I am all for the recycling aspect of it .

    Enjoy your day,


    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey Alex,

    I think thrift stores are really cool. I usually dont' have much luck finding clothes there but I do find other very useful things for around the house. It's interesting to see what things others no longer value and can be quite a "gem of a find".

    There are so many interesting things in terms of books, furniture and jewelry.

    I haven't really sold anything on line but have done a bunch of yard sales in the past and they were a lot of fun and an easy way to make some money.

    Good luck!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes


    If your clothes are retro, nice or worth something I recommend selling it through e-bay, as people are always looking for clothes there.

    If you have some stuff that you really don't care about, I would take that to thrift shops, as they'll take most stuff.

    Good luck.


    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Hey there creativealex!

    I love thrift shopping, however I dont have an experience selling clothing, I just never really thought it would be worth much or worth my time to sell because I normally wear my clothing out until it is no longer wearable. Thats just me.

    ~Riley G. O'brien

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    I could never do this! I just seem to have a problem not knowing where clothes have been before I buy them. I do donate them to Goodwill when I feel that I need to clean out my closet.

    - Samantha

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes

    Nice to meet you!

    Perfect topic! My kind of topic! This is something I truly believe in. I do not like wasting things or seeing things thrown away that others could really need or use.

    I think we should always try to donate or thrist it, or even sell it.

    Think about it a bag of nice clothes for 20$ could be gas money for a few days or lunch money for a day or two. This could really help you, and even be a way of recycling and helping others.

    I am truly a believer in thrifting things or giving it to others and do like to shop at thrift stores or good will.

    I don't see a need in getting into the worldly ways of buying $10 shirts when I can find the same for $2 at a thrift store. And I most certainly think that it is really selfish of me to throw away things people could use or need or benefit from buying for a discount.

    Great topic! I think thrifting or gifting or selling, any of the three, can make a big difference in the world! Honestly, when I say the "world" I truly mean that. Recycling in a completely different way, recycling our items or clothes can make a big difference!

    Re: Thrifting/Selling Clothes


    I have tried selling on Offer Up and it is a pain. I have been trying to get rid of clothes but I will probably end up sending it to Mexico. It takes too much out of my time when people end up lagging.

    I haven't bought anything from any of those sites. I have tried but every time I message them it's already sold or they don't respond. So, I haven't had any luck.