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    School Involvement

    created by Sunshine Song 147 days 5 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    School Involvement

    Are you apart of any school activities, clubs, or research?
    If yes, what interests you about them?
    If not, are here any clubs or activities you are interested in?

    I recently joined the Salsa club at school and I love it! We learn bachata as well. Other than that, I do not have any direct school-related activities. Next year I would like to be a T.A. or do research.

    Next year 2 of my friend’s are creating the Zouk club, where they will teach kizomba. I will probably join their club as well.



    Re: School Involvement

    Hi Song!

    That sounds like so much fun! I wish my community college had a dance club like that, haha.

    I recently just joined Student Government! My community college has branches in different parts of the regional area I live in, and my campus in particular is lacking in student life activities and the engagement of clubs! (even the options of clubs) I hope to help improve my campus by uplifting clubs that have been ignored in the past and maybe even create one's as cool as your salsa club! I recently just became VP of SGA, so I'm super excited for what's to come.

    I know that it's just a community college, but I really want the students to enjoy their experience on campus so I hope I'll be able to be apart of that change.

    Have a great day!


    Re: School Involvement


    I was involved with First Lego League (FLL) when I was younger, and I had the time of my life! I was on a great team and we had a lot of fun. Now that I am too old to be on a team, I am a mentor for the team my sister is on. It is a great program and I have so much fun!



    Re: School Involvement


    In high school and middle school, I was very involved. I was on the dance team, yearbook and a link leader. In college I wasnt really apart of anything expect intramural soccer I played once. I was more focused on academics and making a few close friends



    Re: School Involvement

    Good evening!

    This is a good question to bring up about high school and college experience. During high school I was involved with many clubs (such as Biology and Chemistry club) that translated over into my college school involvement. During college I have been lucky to have the opportunity to be apart of the Beta Beta Beta (Tribeta) Biology honors society. Also, I have been apart of many research projects that involved plant phylogenetics and the ecology of box turtles!

    Both projects interest me as a researcher who wants to understand both the field work and the laboratory work researchers deal with on a day to day basis. Other projects have been to start my Universities' Herbarium and work towards the organization and digitization of the over 1,000 plant species we have in the collection.

    I would like to explore clubs such as the video gaming club since it is one of my main interest as well. There is no problem in mixing in a little fun with academics!

    Thank you!


    Re: School Involvement

    Hello Song!

    I'm a part of two clubs right now, Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility (SPEAR) and Vanderbilt's Protecting Animal Welfare Society (VPAWS). Next semester I'm planning to join the capoeira club we have on campus, and maybe join Students Against Modern Slavery. I'm also hoping to become more involved with the other events that happen on campus, whether or not I join the organization.

    Hope everyone has a great day/night!

    Re: School Involvement

    @Alex Yes, it is very fun! I think we have clubs like this because Seattle has a huge dance scene and also I am at the University, not the community college. We also have a “Salsa Social” at the end of each quarter. This Saturday as when it is happening and I will dress nicely, wear makeup, and do my hair nicely for social dancing. I think that it is awesome you want to improve uplifting clubs. That is a great goal and I hope you achieve it with hard work and lots of fun!

    @KoolKoala I is so great how you are giving back to the community by being a mentor for a team that you had a lot of fun on!

    @Kendall Wow, that is amazing! It is so cool how involved you were in high school. I totally get waning to focus on education and close friendships. I think it is interesting how opposite we are. In high school, although I was on a dance team through school, I was more focused on nurturing close friendships. Now, I am primarily focused on social salsa & bachata dance, networking, academics, and creating opportunities for growth and fun!

    @Samantha Wow, that is so great you were apart of science clubs. I was never great at those types of sciences, so it is great to hear that someone else thrives there. Also, your research is so cool! Good on you for doing research that is fascinating and awesome! Also, you should join the video game club if that is what you are interested in as well. Pursue what you love!

    @Nya It is so great how active you are for the environment and animals. Your activism makes a huge difference and you seem like the type of person to be an incredible leader.

    I really enjoyed reading your posts! Thanks for replying everyone!