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    Are you graduating this semester?!

    created by My Name Is Jon 178 days 20 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    Are you graduating this semester?!

    Are you graduating this spring semester?! Grad school? College?! High school? Bible college? Other?

    Sadly its not quite my time to graduate, a year and a half to go for me, but I hope some of you are graduating! A huge congratulations to those that are soon graduating! Graduating is a pretty big feat! Do you have any fun plans after you graduate?

    Can't wait to hear your responses!


    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Hello ,

    I have earned my associates. So I got two years down and two.more to go before I graduate. I am waiting for the day I have my B.S. Then I am going to grad school to get at least my masters. So not this semester , but my time is coming soon ;)

    Thanks for the forum!
    - Julia

    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Hi Jon,

    YES, I am graduating high school. Yay! It went really slowly at the same time it flew by if that makes any kind of sense at all.

    I will be going to college in the fall. My plans at this time are to eventually be a physical therapist so it looks like I will be in school for quite a while longer. Not sure if that is an UGH or a YAY, LOL. I am both excited and nervous about this transition in my life, but I know it will work out great.

    Thanks for asking!


    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Hey Jon!

    No I am not graduating! In fact, I don’t even know what path I want to take in college!!

    Have a good one!


    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!


    I will graduating from high school this year, and I am really excited for college. I'm a good mix of excited and scared but I know it'll be okay.


    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Hey Jon,
    If all continues to go well, I well be graduating next May with my MBA and I am so ready! Having a Masters degree is something I had always strived to have but after I graduated with my undergraduate, I wanted to start working and gain experience and then it never really became an option to go back because I was so overwhelmed with my student loan debt.

    Fastforward 5 years and I was pregnant with my first daughter. It became a reality that I was not making any headway with my career and needed something to really set me apart. That was about 3 years ago and now I have two young children, so accomplishing this while being a mom and working full time will be a huge accomplishment for me!


    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    It's a yes and no for me. I'm getting my bachelor's degree this coming May, but I don't feel like I'm fully graduating, as I'm starting graduate school this coming summer at the same school. I will definitely feel in the mood for graduation when I am completely done with college. I will then graduate with my master's, plus I think that the robes for a master's degree are a lot cooler than the plain green ones that we're supposed to wear for our bachelor's degree. As for you not being there yet, you will be soon! Time flies, and soon you'll be looking back and saying "Wow, that was quick!. I know I have! Have a good day!

    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Hello! I am graduating from community college with an associates degree this spring semester. I can't wait until i can say that I have graduated from a university and obtained my degree :)

    Re: Are you graduating this semester?!

    Unfortunately, I am only a junior in high school so it is not my time yet, but I do happen to be graduating the CTE Culinary Arts program at my school. This program allows me to have an advantage in the workforce with two certifications.
    Have a great day!