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    Beauty standards

    created by wheninroma 279 days 21 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Beauty standards

    I was watching some reality TV recently as part of a research project when I realized how tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and fair-skinned all the women were.

    It was clear that the network (a popular one for young adults) thought this was the beauty standard.

    I look NOTHING like that and I was hit with an overwhelming sense of feeling like I'm not enough even though I know that's silly!

    So I was wondering: do you think a beauty standard exists? Do you personally have a standard for others/find a certain type of person attractive?

    Re: Beauty standards

    Hey there,

    We'll I totally understand! Growing up most of the shows I watched portrayed young beautiful women as tall, blonde and blue eyed.

    I physically look more Mediterranean due to my Italian and Cuban background just to name a few of the ethnic groups that make up my DNA.

    I an about 5' 3" and I definitely have curves.

    I really think beauty is something that comes from within first and then portrays itself physically.

    I really believe beauty comes in "all shapes and sizes as well as colors".

    Have a good one!


    Re: Beauty standards


    Unfortunately, I absolutely think there is still a beauty standard. Society has become body positive but there will always be a standard! I hope eventually, women and men, will be able to embrace their bodies and looks without the fear of not being enough. I don't have a standard of beauty for anyone, I truly think it's your soul and what's inside that makes you beautiful! Thanks for the great question!


    Beauty standards


    I love your post because I am constantly weaving in between the beauty industry. By this I mean I take photoshoots in different environments wearing different looks, mainly swimwear. The experience involves putting yourself out there and looking as CONFIDENT as you can in front of a man holding a camera, one aspect of which I am involved in.

    A few months ago, I was never one to put myself in situations that were not comfortable. I was camera-shy because I never liked the way I came out in photos. As you mentioned in your post, media often displays fair skin with light hair as beautiful, and as yourself, I look nothing like that. This doesn't mean anyone who doesn't look like that isn't beautiful.

    We have the competition "Miss Universe" for a reason. These women are meant to display the grand majority of the population and they are never fair skinned- blue eyes each year. These pageants were designed to show that beauty is "universal" (hint hint) no matter the tone of your skin because true standards stem from your passion for life and drive to succeed in whatever you want. I learned that beauty is universal and ultimately comes out from personal confidence. If you're not secure of yourself, it will show. If you're confident of yourself, no matter how you are, it will radiate outward.

    And lastly, I am attracted to a man who has drive, ambition and character. Yes I have a type but it doesn't mean anyone who doesn't fit my "type" isn't beautiful as well.

    To answer your question, yes I think a beauty standard exists. But not in a negative way. By beauty standard, this signifies keeping well cleaned, groomed and well dressed. If you come to school, work or to a meeting looking "sloppy" there is no beauty in that. In contrast, if someone is living life by assistance of a wheel chair, and they are confident, they have set the standard for beauty.

    Happy posting,