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    Not enough time!?

    created by LukeM01 279 days 22 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Not enough time!?

    Do you ever find yourself overly invested in something to the point where you aren't being productive with your time? Do you find sometimes throughout the week you get caught up in a hobby or task and you have trouble fitting in everything you need to?

    I hate the feeling of lost time and I feel sometimes at the complete wrong part of the week something always comes up and stops me from being productive. Frustrating!

    Let me know what you think! Thank you for the responses!

    Not enough time!?

    Dear Luke,

    If you feel you as though the lost feeling of time comes upon you, then something is wrong in structuring time division. I am the same way! Yes I also feel that when unplanned [events] come between my week then I can no longer accomplish what I planned.

    We have only 1,440 minutes in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. Have you ever thought about that?

    I am firm to believe that lost time is due to a fault in our division of time. It's the way we "organize" which is to blame. Also yourself and myself. The moment we start to look for excuses, we no longer control our management of time, it controls US. By turning that around, you control IT. That means NO excuses. And to actually accomplish your goals for the week, taking FULL advantage of this number is VITAL to success.

    1 hour of college net has already knocked down 60 minutes. Leaving you at 1,380 minutes. There's no adding back. If someone works 4 hours, that was 240 minutes used up and they are now at 1,140 minutes. That person goes to school for a few hours and there's less than 1,000 minutes left. Poor self discipline leaves the feeling of not enough time. There actually is PLENTY of time when it is used impeccably.

    I appreciate waking up 5am -if you can- and starting your day at that time. It is called the "Golden Hour". But it requires self discipline. It is not for everyone. Highly successful people set this routine. Look it up. Finishing your most IMPORTANT tasks for the day in the morning, leaves you stress-free and ready to work on other to-do's throughout the day. As you mentioned, if something comes up you would have already finished your PRIORITIES in the morning. Or whenever you start your day as not everyone is available at 5am. Read about successful habits and soon, the feeling of lost time is something of the past!

    If you don't finish, and I mean truly finish your most IMPORTANT tasks prior to starting the day, it will lag on and the feeling of stress will weigh on your shoulders as you postpone it.

    I like to say that motivation gets you started and habit keeps you going.

    Happy posting!