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    How far is home from School/Work ?

    created by animal lover 279 days 22 hours 4 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    How far is home from School/Work ?

    Hello Everyone,

    The week is almost over so hang in there one more day, you can do it!

    So what is your commute like going to work or school ?

    When I was in community college I lived at home. My School by car was 20mins away and by bus it was 45mins. I did not have a car so I was on the not too reliable metro. I hated having to wake up extra early so I can get ready and be at the bust stop 20mins early. Overall, I did not live far anyway so it was not too much of a big deal. It was something that taught me how to be prepared and to get to places on time.

    what about you?


    Re: How far is home from School/Work ?


    I am very fortunate to have school about five minutes from where I live. I can walk to school in a short amount of time if I need to, and the bus ride or car ride practically amounts to nothing. Next year, I will be on campus and the walk will not be very long at all! For work, the drive for me lasts about ten minutes which I feel I can manage all of the time.

    Where I live usually stays very convenient because I am in the center of most of the places I go on a daily/weekly basis. Thank you for reading!


    Re: How far is home from School/Work ?

    Hey Julia!

    Work is only about 15 minutes away, so that's pretty lucky!

    School is about a half an hour by car with no traffic and 45 minutes by car/train/walking.

    It could be worse!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: How far is home from School/Work ?

    Good evening!

    About 15 mins...not too bad!