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    group interview vs one on one

    created by 284 days 20 hours 6 minutes ago

    Category: World

    group interview vs one on one

    Which do you prefer? What are the ups and downs associated with both?

    I think I prefer one on one interviews. I guess it's because I'm not really comfortable in a group setting especially if it's going to be essentially a group of strangers I'm seeing for the first time. I think group interviews may end up may conversational-like sometimes, but in my experience it's just been more stressful because the interviewees has somebody right there to compare you to. One on one interviews don't come easily to me either though lol. I get nervous either way but it's more burden on me when I have to do a group interview..

    What about you? Which type of interviewing style do you prefer to be in?

    Thanks! Have a good one!

    Re: group interview vs one on one


    I also prefer one on one interviews.

    Every group interview I've ever been a part of has always felt like pitting people against each other, when really, getting jobs done is best done as a team.

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: group interview vs one on one

    Hey friend!

    I have only ever had one interview in my life! My first job I didn't even have an interview because they loved my sister so much they just trusted I would be a good employee!

    In my interview at the bar it was only me with the manager and the boss. It was intimidating having them bother there, but I would take that over a group interview any day. I can't imagine being interviewed with others. My competitive personality would take over and I wouldn't act myself!

    I would view the others interviewing with me as competition. First impressions are very important. If I ended up getting hired with those people, I would still see them as competition and I would be wary of them! I would hate that!

    Thanks for the unique forum!!


    Re: group interview vs one on one

    Hi mini!

    I have never had an interview with a group that was also applying for the same job. I've actually never heard of that. I wouldn't like that at all in the same room at the same time? Yeah, no thanks. That sounds like speed dating but for hiring. At first I thought you were asking about being interviewed by one person vs. a panel/group of people interviewing you.

    Most interviews I have had have been one on one, and they feel less intimidating, but can also be a little awkward if the interviewer isn't quite prepared and there are moments of awkward silence. I had to interview with a six person panel at my last job. I wasn't expecting that, and when I walked in the room I blurted "wow, I got the whole firing squad here" and they all started laughing so it ended up being a fairly relaxed interview after that.