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    Sunny days!!

    created by bluesapphire7 289 days 11 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Sunny days!!

    We all love sunny days, but we all feel more comfortable at certain temperatures, what is your preference? What is too hot for you?

    I feel most comfortable at 80 -85 degrees, 90 degrees will slow me down and 95-100 will chase me back into the house!

    Re: Sunny days!!

    I love sunny days! I also need the balance of having cloudy, rainy days. When the sun is shining and the temperature is around 80 degrees I feel very comfortable.
    When I was a child I LOVED the heat! I thrived on those hot days around 100 degrees, when it felt like the sun would melt any coldness or discomfort right out of me. I would play in the sprinkler with my friends, walk to the store for ice cream and swim in our local ponds or at the river.
    I still love hot summer days, but only when I have a cold body of water to swim in!

    Re: Sunny days!!


    Sunny days are plentiful. I like that CA has sunny days of all versions. It has been sunny and windy lately. It has been great to have a little sun with a cold front. I am not excited for summer I am going to melt. I enjoy 70-80 degrees. Anything over I am in the smallest clothes possible.


    Re: Sunny days!!

    Hi bluesapphire7,

    I feel most comfortable between 69º - 85º because then I am warm enough to wear the light and free clothes that I want and also not sweat too much. I would love to live in California for a year or so because I want to experience the West Coast life with a lot of sunshine. I love PNW summers though, they are absolutely beautiful!