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    What's your idea of happiness?

    created by kulanuikala 289 days 12 hours 18 minutes ago

    Category: Religion

    What's your idea of happiness?

    hey cnet,
    "the pursuit of happines" is written right there in the declaration of independence as an inalienable right, but i wonder if most of us can recognize happiness in the moment. i am not sure i completely know what it would look like for me, and if thats the case how can i know what i am in pursuit of?! what is your idea or definition of happiness? do you know when you achieve it?
    happy sunday, k

    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    Hi K,

    Happiness to me is any moment where my worries leave me. I'm a very anxious person, and I can technically be doing something fun but my fears and stress will creep up. I know I am truly happy when I am in the moment and don't have to fight feelings of anxiety or stress. I like my definition, because I think with that being my requirement for happiness, I could potentially find it in any situation. Currently I find true happiness when I am at my weekly game nights with friends (though work has made it every few weeks instead). I also find true happiness watching TV with my boyfriend. Sometimes I'll get absorbed in a movie or book, and I'd consider that happiness too.

    Basically, as long as I can be fully in the moment doing something I enjoy, that is happiness to me. It's certainly what I'm in pursuit of too- more days being fully present and less absorbed in thoughts of stress.

    Great question!

    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    Hey K,

    Happiness is being happy. It's as simple as that. Being happy with everything you have. Being happy with what you were given. I think that for some people its hard to see the happiness because they are blinded by looking at all the bad things they were given. In reality, the bad things are good too. The bad things were put there for you to grow from them and ultimately lead you to a path you needed to get to. So the bad things are good. Everything that was given to you is good. Everything. So the key to happiness is simple. Its right in front of everyone's face. Positivity.

    I hope you enjoyed listening to how I define happiness. I wish you much success in pursuing your own happiness.

    - Rivky

    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    I agree with many of the replies above^^^^. All together, only you are able to decide what makes you truly happy. Although some people are not lucky enough to ever have this time in life, you will know the your time comes. When you begin to notice all the things that make you smile and laugh. When you have peace of mind, you are confident, and there are things to look forward to. Later LATER on in life, you may have already been through and done everything there is to do, but at that point is when you reflect on what happened. Are you content with what you've done? Do you possess integrity? IS there anything you wish you could change or simply didn't do? YOU WILL KNOW IT IN YOUR HEART.>3 everyone is different

    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    Hey K!

    As previously stated, there are a lot of good answers here. I think everyone has a similar definition of happiness but there are different factors that are unique to the individual. I also believe everyone is in charge of their own happiness.. as someone who has suffered from depression as a kid due to a chemical imbalance and continue to struggle with it now, the best thing you can do is try to make yourself happy. Look at things from a different and optimistic perspective. Try to appreciate the things you have rather than the things you lack.

    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    Good Monday K!!!

    I'm still trying to figure things out and I'm about to start making those grown up decisions for myself after I graduate from high school this June. So just from starting to realize about what's important and what's not is how I've been learning about what makes me happy. My happiness comes from having the support and love of my family (mom, dad, brothers and anything after is a bonus). Achieving good grades in classes after putting in hard work is happiness. Being acknowledged on the playing field after also putting in hard work is happiness. Having loyal, hilarious, and positive friends around you is happiness. Learning from my mistakes is happiness. Accomplishing my goals is happiness. Appreciating the things I have is happiness. I hope everyone in this world can have their happiness, it's not always there when you need it, but it's always there for you to find it that's why having a great support systems is nice to have to help you.

    Have a great day!


    Re: What's your idea of happiness?

    hey everyone,
    thanks for your thoughtful responses. i think one take away for me from this discussion is that each individual is an active participant in their happiness. it seems to often start with a conscious decision such as developing the right frame of mind, viewing things from a different angle, working and achieving a goal, etc. happiness in general s not going to pursue you!
    have a good tuesday! k