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    What do you draw inspiration from?

    created by Ellie8 291 days 5 hours 12 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What do you draw inspiration from?

    Happy Sunday CNET!

    What do you draw your inspiration from? Inspiration for creativity, inspiration for strength, inspiration to be the best you, where do you get it from?

    I'll chime in later on today. Looking forward to your answers!

    Enjoy your day,

    Re: What do you draw inspiration from?

    Hi Elissa,

    There are so many different things that inspire people so I'm really looking forward to reading responses as people post.

    For me I believe I get my inspiration from my family, friends and what I characteristics I value most; such as honesty and loyalty.

    l love hearing about others successes and how they are making each day for themselves and others better. I find that inspiration for strength comes from stories like these. We live in a world full of challenges and hearing about how others turn those challenges into something positive is really inspiring for me.

    I like to think of myself as a somewhat creative person as I enjoy writing, drawing, and singing and I guess I draw my inspiration for those activities from life experiences.

    Thanks for the great post! Looking forward to reading what inspires you!


    Re: What do you draw inspiration from?

    What do you draw your inspiration from? Inspiration for creativity, inspiration for strength, inspiration to be the best you, where do you get it from?

    Hi Elissa,

    I draw a lot of my beauty and fashion inspiration from Vivian_V on Youtube and Instagram. From her videos, I know that she actually went to a high school close to mine and that she is in the same year as me! She is very smart for taking advantage of the opportunities given to her for being Instagram and YouTube famous. Also, I always know what looks good when I look at her photos and aspire to have long hair like hers!

    I draw a lot of my leadership inspiration from Simon Sinek and Landmark Worldwide's programs because I have learned a lot about communication, great leadership, and communication from listening to Simon Sinek's lectures and going to Landmark's programs. I continue to assist Landmark's Seattle center so that I can continue to stay in the conversation, meet intelligent and caring people, and further transform my career and my life.

    I also use the above for career inspiration for all of the reasons above and also since I am going into I-O Psychology like you. (Btw, you are free to add me on Facebook and Instagram!)

    I have more inspirational people and places. However, I could not type them all out here. Have a great day and thank you for the inspiring forum!



    Re: What do you draw inspiration from?

    Hey guys!

    I'm so sorry for not replying to this! I totally forgot that I'd saved my last post, and then just went to bed.

    Kathy- I love that you can use the successes of friends and family to inspire you. I'm ashamed to say I'm often jealous of the success of others, so it's nice to hear that it could be a source for inspiration instead. I love that you pay attention to their characteristics you admire and try and build on those in yourself. I do this too!

    Song- I just googled Vivian, I have to say I like her style too! I'm always impressed by those who put the work in to becoming successful at social media. It's not something I think I could do consistently. I'll have to look up Simon Sinek and listen to some of his lectures too!

    I think my biggest inspiration is like Kathy's in that I look to my boyfriend and his family. His mother works hard at a job she doesn't like to support them and has even taken me under her wing. He works long hours and although he complains he's never negative about it. Like, he'll say he's tired or he'll make a remark at how weird his schedule is but never calls out and even goes in early. When I tell him I feel bad or that he should try and swap shifts or get out early he'll just say "I'm okay, it means more money!". I'm not lazy, but I am very inspired by his positive attitude when life throws stress at him.

    My own family inspires me too. My mother lives her life for no one but herself and I really admire that. She lets loose and has fun in public and just is shamelessly herself through and through. I hope I can emulate her in that regard!

    Lastly, I'm inspired by the world around me. It sounds very hippy, but like I'm just in awe of the world and draw a lot of my creative inspiration from nature.

    Hope you both had a great few days, and thanks for your answers!