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    Are you a planner or flow-er?

    created by wheninroma 296 days 4 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Are you a planner or flow-er?

    When you go on a vacation or start a new job or move, do you plan out every detail? or do you just go with the flow and hope for the best?
    I tend to plan out the bare bones and then fill in the details as I'm actually there/doing the thing.

    My boyfriend, on the other hand, plans every moment from minute 0 to the end!

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    I'm a bare bones type of planner. I plan to make sure the fundamentals are in place then I fill in the betweens

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    Good Sunday!!!

    I'm a go with the flow type person. Most things whether with my family or with friends are pretty much already planned out, I just get the invite and go with the flow of things. Less stress on me..LOL

    Enjoy your Sunday!


    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    I am a planner I would say! I like to know what I am getting myself into. I like to be aware of the activities and the cost associated as well. It would be nice just to go on a vacation and not have to worry about cost or activities, but I really don't have someone who would be the planner.



    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?


    For some reason while plans made in my day-to-day life are never very solid and quickly forgotten, I am big on making plans for vacations and special days off. I think I'm so big on planning on these occasions because other plans always fall through, and because vacation time is so rare. My boyfriend and I are the type who can agree that we want to use our next mutual day off to have a date day, but then sit there at like, noon on the day of and go back and forth with "what do you wanna do?" "I dunno, what do YOU wanna do?". Because I know that's kind of how we roll without plans and neither of us likes making decisions, I make SURE to plan for special time off. Vacations are infrequent, and I'm not going to waste a day debating what to do.

    That all said, I have no problem going with the flow! It's mostly just on days that don't come often that I try and wake up bright and early with a set plan. If the plan drifts a bit that's okay, so long as I'm not sitting in a hotel without any clue as to what to do!

    Have a great Sunday!

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    Good afternoon!

    My wife has always been the planner and we research things together... vacations- birthday parties, houses, etc. As I’ve gone through school, I have become more accustomed to making sure I know what’s going on and what the next steps are...

    Have a great day,

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?


    Vacations and important, large events I love to plan and keep constructed as to not waste any time or have an loose ends during a bad time. I like to sort out all of the details for large events or anything semi-important because while I am there I can either focus if the event is work or business related, or I can live in the moment if the event is fun or a vacation.

    As for day to day, I generally go with the flow because I hate acting like a machine just because I have something which was planned. I like to improvise; maybe if I was supposed to be productive and study or get something done and I don't feel well, I'll go to bed early instead and feel refreshed in the morning to do the same task (as opposed to being miserable).

    Another reason I don't like planning to much is because life is so hectic all of the time, to try and control every single event and occurrence in my life to the exact would be incredibly frustrating and I would fail miserably. Still with having a sense of productivity and schedule, I don't try to micromanage myself (if that is even a thing). I let everything play out and try to adapt as much as possible.

    Thank you for reading!


    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    Unless you get super anxious and worried if plans are not made, then going with the flow is the best way to relax, especially when on vacation. I believe regardless of the type of person you are, the place where you sleep and guaranteeing you will have sufficient funds should be the only things set in stone. Otherwise, you are not truly vacationing. If you think about it, most people vacation to get away from their typical daily lifestyle, which are basically planned out. On a trip relax, go where you want, do what you want, eat what you like, adventure, and have the time you do not normally have(FUN)

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    I am the type of person that likes to go with the flow. Because the way I see it, is that, if you are positive with everything then whatever you end up doing is always fun. Everyone has there own ways though, and some people I know like to plan so I work with everyone but as long as you stay positive then everything always turns out okay!

    Have a good day!


    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    I would say I am more of a flow-er. I don’t like the work involved in planning things. I am pretty easy going and can usually go with the flow of what someone plans.

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    Hi wheninroma,

    I am typically someone who plans for the barebones as well, I like to have a little bit of freedom and wiggle room left in my plan.

    ~Riley G. O'Brien

    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    Good Morning!

    I go with the flow like you do. I have the basic bones down as well. I make sure we have flights or transportation, a place to stay, and a general idea of the things that we want to do. If there is something I really want to do and know it could be hard to book last minute, I'll book that ahead. Otherwise, I love being somewhere and going with the flow. I love not having to stop having fun because my schedule is tight. I also think it's great to ask the people who live there when you get there what the best things to do are. Those are usually some of the best experiences!

    Thanks for the post and happy travels :)


    Re: Are you a planner or flow-er?

    I go with the FLOW. No need to get stressed out planning every detail, only to then be let down or disappointed if it doesn't go as planned.