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    Least favorite chores/tasks??

    created by JamesP1977 289 days 18 hours 28 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Least favorite chores/tasks??

    Good morning!

    Sunday is cleaning day at my house...I don't mind the dishes. Clothes are what get on my nerves lol Washing, drying, and then putting up. The time is so drawn out I think-especially with multiple loads. You can utilize your time by doing other things while they are washing and drying for sure...but still lol

    Have a great Sunday...I think it's time for me to switch clothes!


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??

    Good Sunday James!

    I agree with you I don't like laundry either, but I hate cleaning the bathrooms, but I also like using a clean one too so I have to quit my complaining...LOL!!!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??

    My least favorite is all of them, and my favorite is none of them!!!! :)

    Seriously, I don't mind washing/drying laundry, it's the putting away that is my problem. I hate washing dishes, I don't mind drying them. Sweeping the floors aren't too bad, mopping not so much. Bathroom sinks aren't awful, cleaning toilets are.

    I guess I will have to suck it up when I move out of my parents house.....


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??


    Cleaning the kitchen is what I do not look forward to... but I love having a clean kitchen!


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??


    I’m a single, I do all the chores ahhh.


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??


    My least favorite has always been pulling weeds. It's just so tedious and uncomfortable. There's so little that feels rewarding about it either.


    Re: Least favorite chores/tasks??

    Hey James!

    We have the same ritual in our house! Sunday's are usually our chore days/get things done around the house day and it's always our laundry day! I'm the same as you, laundry is my least favorite! I would rather clean the bathrooms before I do laundry just because it is so time consuming, especially folding and putting things away! When I lived by myself, I basically just lived out of laundry baskets, but now after living with my husband, it's gotta be done the right way! I'm lucky though, because he does help out ton and we tend to split up the chores even!