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    Lights, Camera, Action!

    created by Sunshine Song 294 days 17 hours 54 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Lights, Camera, Action!

    Have you ever modeled before? (Whether it was for a magazine, a product, in-person, runway, or just a friend's photography project)
    What did you do and why?

    Have you ever been behind the camera of a photoshoot before?

    Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or behind?


    I have modeled before. All of my modeling experiences have been for fun. I have never been paid to model, nor do I put in effort to go to go-sees or search for modeling jobs. I enjoy being in front of the camera and know I have so much to learn!

    Last night, I went to this modeling & artist event. The venue was a club that was rented out. There were sixty models (including me), and probably around twenty artists. It was really great getting to know the other women there. All the women I walked with were really fun to hang out with!

    Although the communication, organization, and entire event was very amateur and had a lot of holes, I still enjoyed the event overall. I do not think I will do the event again in the future, and I will definitely continue to do mini photoshoots with my boyfriend when we go out hiking and for my eco-friendly and fair-trade online clothing store.

    Although I love capturing the moment, I still prefer to be in front of the camera. I love movement. I am not a professional, so I have a lot to learn. I also enjoy moving my body and capturing the moment! I also enjoy photography.




    External Link:

    My personal Instagram has a lot of photos I've taken and photos of me -

    I get to be a model here hehe :3 -

    Re: Lights, Camera, Action!

    I am a ham so I don't mind getting photos taken. But I don't usually think I am very photogenic. I am heavier than I used to be so I usually just think a picture highlights my weight! But mostly I don't mind.

    Re: Lights, Camera, Action!

    Yes, I have modelled a clothing line for my friend's business. It was so much fun!! I really like to be in front of the camera. I think i would enjoy do modeling here and there just for fun and extra cash.

    Re: Lights, Camera, Action!

    Hey Song,

    This sounds like a great hobby for you and it's great you've found a network and are doing something you're passionate about. Your pictures are awesome, too! I love your purple hair!

    I've never done any modeling. It's not really something that I've ever been interested in for myself. If I ever were to do any modeling, I'd love to qualify as a brand ambassador for running shoes/clothes. I think it'd be really cool to document trail races and adventures while promoting a brand I really like.

    Thanks for the forum and keep up the modeling!