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    Sleeping naked

    created by courtcong 291 days 18 hours 41 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Sleeping naked

    Hi CNET!

    Do you get all tucked into bed wearing your favorite PJ’s or an extra-large t-shirt? Or do you just crawl in under the covers nude and call it a night?

    I personally must be in sweats and a t-shirt or shorts and a tshirt. Well, the real truth is that am afraid of someone either breaking in or my house catch on fire and I have to get up and get dressed before I can fight a burglar or jump out a window to escape a fire. I want to be ready to go.

    So, Cnet what do you wear to bed?

    Do you sleep naked?

    Hope y’all have a good night

    Re: Sleeping naked

    Hey Court!

    My go to sleepwear for bed is definitely an oversized shirt and underwear. It's just so simple, comfortable and I don't get too hot (which is a must)!



    Re: Sleeping naked

    Hi, nope I would never sleep naked. I used to sleep walk and would not want to walk around naked and have my mom have to guide me back to bed, naked as a newborn baby. Plus I tend to kick off my covers and the dog or cats like to sleep on my bed. I don't want dog or cats scratching me or wet noses where I don't want wet noses to be.

    - W

    Re: Sleeping naked

    Hey Court,
    I am not a nude sleeper, I prefer shorts and a t-shirt. From a practical side, what if there is a fire or an emergency in the middle of the night? You don’t really have time to ruffle around for clothes.

    From another perspective, I am a mom to two young children so I am often up at night caring for them so again, just not practical for me to be naked. Kids are also sponges and pick up everything so I would hate to have to be that parent that has to explain to others why my child is sleeping nude at a sleepover because that’s what she thinks is normal.


    Re: Sleeping naked

    Hey Court!

    I like to mix it up! in the winter my room is pretty cold so I usually wear full on fuzzy pink pj pants and a long sleeve to bed, otherwise I freeze! But other times when its hot, I definitely love to sleep naked. I also hate when loose clothing gets all twisted, so sleeping nude is nice and liberating, I would recommend!

    Fun post!


    Re: Sleeping naked

    Hi court,

    I also don't want to sleep naked just in case a have an emergency during the night and have to run out of my house as soon as possible. Ibalwys wear a night gown when I'm going to bed and some socks to keep my feet warm during the night. My night gown isn't too long or short but just right and its not revealing at all.

    Thanks for the forum and have a great day!

    - Unique