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    Usual bedtime?

    created by OSilentNightOwl 296 days 17 hours 25 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Usual bedtime?

    Hey everybody!

    When do you usually go to bed? I was talking to somebody yesterday and she was amazed that I usually sleep at 12 or 1. She said she almost always stays up until 3, which I thought was pretty late.

    How about you guys? When do you usually sleep? What do you consider early or late for a bed time?

    All the best,

    Re: Usual bedtime?

    Hi Matt,

    I usually end up closing my eyes around 12 or 1. My boyfriend gets home late from work as he works in retail, and it's hard to just go to bed when the clock is a reasonable hour when I haven't seen him all day. I tend to sleep in later too, because of my later bedtime which in turn makes me not get tired until late the following night. My job starts at 10am, so thankfully working full time with my current sleep schedule won't be a problem. 3am I could never do! By 12:30 I'm usually tired, I think I'd be off the whole next day if I was up too much later!

    I don't think any specific bedtime is unhealthy. I think it's all relative to what you do during your day. I have a friend who sleeps in the day because he works night shifts, so my midnight bedtime would be super weird to him. If I worked say, 6pm to 1am, a 3am bedtime would make sense to me. If you can be awake in time for work and you're not sickly tired you're probably okay!