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    Coworker issues

    created by annabrigitte 290 days 8 hours 8 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Coworker issues

    Hey CNet!

    What do you do when having an issue with a coworker?

    Today, someone from another department was transferred over to my department. Shes been working for about 2 months while I've been here for over two years and she came over and started acting like she's my boss! (Which she isn't). She's being very condescending towards my other coworkers and I and it's really driving me nuts.

    What do you guys usually do in these situations?

    - Anna

    Re: Coworker issues

    Hey Anna,

    I certainly can understand why you may feel frustrated over this situation. Perhaps your new co-worker is feeling insecure and us "over compensating" now since she was the one that got transferred.

    This type of situation is never easy because on one side you want to hold your ground and make sure the other person "knows their place" but on the other hand "well oming" the new person could help make it a more pleasant work environment.

    Hopefully, things will settle in and your work place won't continue to be so stressful.

    Good luck with working out!


    Re: Coworker issues

    Hey Anna!

    Coworker issues are the worst! As it just happened today, I would wait and feel it out. That way you can gauge if she just did it the one time, or if she's a blatant bully. As you do have seniority, if it were me I'd probably stand my ground.

    Hopefully it resolves itself!