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    Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

    created by JessicaZ. 296 days 21 hours 13 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

    Hello every body!

    Everyone always asks "What famous person would you like to meet and why?" to which we usually respond "Oh, well I like his music, or I grew up watching that TV show" etc. but what is the "real" reason we want to meet famous people?

    There is a specific desire to meet these people but why?

    I can say I want to meet Will Smith, becuase he's a great human being who has made a lot of accomplishments...but i think the "real" why, is because he has something that I aspire to be, and it's difficult to aspire to something I have not seen, touched, heard in real life, or any other proof that it's real.

    Of course I can believe that Will Smith is a real person, but I have not actally proven this for myself, I have only seen him on TV.



    Re: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

    Hey Jessica,

    It’s strange to see these people on tv and then see them in real life but I think once you do it isn’t that big of a deal. I used to live in Vegas and I saw a couple of celebrities. I acted more normal than I thought I would.

    If I could meet a celebrity I think it would be Josh Lucas.....I think he’s an awesome actor and seems down to earth. You hear about some celebrities being jerks and I’d like to me one that is genuinely a good person.

    I think you get an image in your head about how they may be in real life but you really don’t know. I think it’s the “wanting to know” that makes people want to meet famous people.


    Re: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

    I believe that the real reason we want to meet these people is because all of the good things that they do is known by millions of people as it is plastered all over the internet and tabloids. This much attention makes us separate them from ourselves and put them on a pedestal. We see them as perfect and thus we want to meet them and ask them the questions that we have always wondered about their journey. I would like to meet Tom Felton or Johnny Depp because I think they are both really great actors and I would like to get to know them and ask them about how they carve out an identity of their own despite all the acting they do.