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    Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    created by Sunshine Song 292 days 1 hour 54 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    What is your favorite outdoor activity? Why?

    One of my favorite outdoor activities is camping. I love camping in the summer when it is warm and sunny. The most wonderful experiences are when I am on the beach with whomever I am sharing this camping experience with. At golden hour, build a fire and then enjoy great company while the sun sets and have a bonfire under the stars when sunset comes around.



    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    Hey Song,

    My favorite outdoors activity, especially in the warmer months, is to go to a park and sit in my car and let my mind run free. If the park has a trail I go for long quiet walks.

    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?


    My favorite outdoor activity is Bike riding! I love doing it in all weather. The breeze on my face and being go fast. I love taking my bike to different setting like the beach , park , and the extensive bike trails in my city.

    - Julia

    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    Hey Song! I am right there with ya! I absolutely love camping and spending time at the lake. We are so blessed to be close enough to a lake to be able to spend time there every weekend in the summer! Warm weather, swimming, and ending the night with an amazing campfire! I cannot wait until this winter is over and we can go back to being able to enjoy time outside!


    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    My favorite outdoor activity is swimming in the lake on a beautiful sunny day! Also bike riding.

    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    Hi, I also love to camp; but usually I like to camp when the weather is hot and we can swim or go boating. I also like to have a camp fire and roast marshmallows, smores, or biscuits dipped in cinnamon. Waking up to a camp fire breakfast with fried potatoes, pancakes and sausage is ideal too. Bring on the warm weather!

    - W

    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

    Song Mei Doran,

    Running continues to be my favorite outdoor activity. I do not mind super warm or super cold days, rain or shine, or any other conditions outside, I like running in all weather. To simply be alone without any technology amidst tranquil nature feels so nice.

    Around where I live, plenty of beautiful parks and ponds and great places to run are available to me, and I am very fortunate to be able to go wherever I want to. Along some seven or eight mile paths, I clear my head and feel so rejuvenated after I am done. Not to mention, the exercise is great!

    Thank you for the forum!


    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?


    I like to go swimming with friends! Camping with family is fun too!

    Katie :)

    Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?


    I have never been camping but the way you describe it makes me want to go! lol :p

    Is saying walking outside too boring of an answer? I love spending time in nature and detoxing from all the artificial lights, stale air, and digital screens that surround me all day! Sometimes, I walk/jog to the park and try some upper body strength training on the monkey bars and those days are always a good time. ( :