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    What are you afraid of?

    created by Ellie8 290 days 11 hours 50 minutes ago

    Category: World

    What are you afraid of?

    Hello, happy weekend!

    What are you guys afraid of? Do you have irrational fears or are most of your fears pretty reasonable?

    I'm terrified of spiders, but considering there aren't any deadly kinds in Massachusetts, I'd call it a bit of an irrational fear. I'm also afraid of heights though I love roller coasters.

    Hope whatever you're up to this weekend, you enjoy it!


    Re: What are you afraid of?

    Hey Ellie!

    I am afraid of being ordinary.

    My biggest fear is to wake up one day, halfway through my life and think, "I live the life that everyone lives". If I am every in a situation where I can’t be free or express myself, I will crumble. My individuality is something I cherish deeply. I cannot lose myself to the social norm.

    The reason this thought scares me so much is probably because I am walking the path to being ordinary. So far in my life I have worked, gone to school, and lived out my daily routine. I do what is necessary to accomplish my goal of graduating without debt. But at what cost? When I think about my life so far, I get really depressed. I have barley traveled or gone outside of my comfort zone. I haven't taken any significant risks that help me grow. I am going to end up dying in the same town as I was raised in like my grandparents and their parents.

    This might sound dramatic for a young 20-year-old; however, life is too short ever be dissatisfied with your situation. Maybe today is the day I should quit the job I hate an apply for schools in other countries.

    Thanks for the posts Ellie! I really like the way you write. I also respect the effort you put in to all your comments. Don’t ever lose your good-natured side!


    Re: What are you afraid of?

    Hey Elissa!

    My biggest fear is homelessness. I'm really anxious about instability in general. Just thinking about it stresses me out.

    Thanks for the forum!

    - Anna

    Re: What are you afraid of?

    Good Saturday Ellie!

    So this a bit of a crazy one, but I have a fear of CLOWNS!!!LOL I don't know why or what started it, but there is just this weird thing about them that I don't find funny. So when I go to haunted houses during Halloween, I get thru any maze until you get to a room with clowns and I freeze up.

    Have a great weekend!


    Re: What are you afraid of?

    I pondered this question and I though to myself, “you can be afraid of anything”, so I thought again, “what could happen that would shake me up?”

    I came up with the conclusion of me waking up to my family dead.
    Especially my mom, that would have me so frightened I would never be the same.

    Re: What are you afraid of?

    I'm afraid of insects. I get goosebumps whenever I see one, especially if it's a spider or a stinkbug. They're just creepy as heck and I just wish they never existed!


    Re: What are you afraid of?

    Thanks for all your replies!

    Erin- Thanks so much for the compliment, that's so nice of you! I enjoy reading your posts as well! You totally made me smile with that haha so thank you! I also have to agree that coming to that realization would be pretty scary. Perhaps it would be good to make a plan for yourself so you can get that unique experience! We do totally spend so much time going through the motions (school, job straight out of college, career ladder, kids, etc) that it takes a little extra conscious thought to break away from routine. You can totally have that dream life though if you go after it!

    Anna- I feel you on being stressed about instability. I'd say homelessness is a rational fear, and I sure don't know what I'd do if I were in that situation. Scary, for sure!

    Thankful- Oh my gosh I don't blame you! I'm impressed that you've made it through any of the rooms at haunted houses though! That's stressful just to think about. Yeah, clowns are on my NOPE list too!

    Taysia- That's a good way to re-think the question. I think my answer would change if I asked myself what would shake me up. Spiders gross me out, but definitely don't compete with something like family being harmed.

    Eddie- I'm with you there! Ew! I love the outdoors, so it's an unfortunate fear to have, but nope nope nope to any insects!

    Thanks guys! Hope you all had a great Saturday!


    Re: What are you afraid of?

    Hi Ellie!

    I'm also terrified of heights but love roller coasters, so strange, right!

    On a more personal level, I'm really scared of getting older. I know it's weird to be so afraid of something that is natural and maturing, but with every birthday past 21 I've been thinking about how fleeting life is and how there's just so little time!

    Sorry for the depressing mortality everyone, hope the rest of your Sunday is more relaxing :p