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    Airport adventures...

    created by bluesapphire7 297 days 9 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Airport adventures...

    What do you like to do when waiting at an airport? Do you like to sit and people watch? Talk to fellow travelers? Waste money in pricey airport shops? Do you have any funny/crazy airport adventures you wish to share?

    I like to walk around and people watch, people fascinate me and I love just observing how they act in different situations, (psych major, can you tell? lol). I love to meet fellow travelers and hear about where they are going and what adventures they have had thus far. I have meet soo many people from all over the world this way! Many of whom have extended an invitation to come stay with them for free. It's all about who you know!

    As for a crazy story, I was once flying from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA on what was supposed to be a direct fligt, but much to everyone's surprise, we landed in Sacremento and they said it was the final stop! Well as you can imagine myself along with 12 other people destined for Seattle were very confused; we were just standing there at the gate unsure what to do because no one had told us what was going on. After 15 minutes, an airline worker just happend to notice us all standing around and came up to ask what was wrong. Once we explained the situation, she was so surprised and confused and went on to find us flight. Somehow we had slipped through the cracks and no one had remembered that we would need a connecting flight! It was all sorted out after 30 minutes though, thankfully!

    Re: Airport adventures...

    Hi bluesapphire,

    I haven't flown a lot, but enough to know I'm impatient waiting around in the airport. I haven't ever flown by myself, so I end up talking to who I'm flying with. I try to avoid spending money in the airport, but have at times when I've had a long layover usually on food or souvenirs for my kids. I do like to people watch and wonder where everyone is coming from and going to but haven't ever struck up conversations with anyone.

    Re: Airport adventures...

    Whoa that is one crazy story lol.. I'm glad everything got sorted it out but it sounds more scary then an exciting airport adventure to me XD I can't imagine how I would've reacted in your situation, but one thing for sure is I would be hella confused and freaked out.

    I also haven't ever traveled overseas by myself either and it's always been with my family. So while we're waiting at the port I usually just hang out with them, talk about things, find good food to last us through the wait. We never do any shopping at airports because it really is expensive and would be a waste of money, and bad financial planning as well lol.

    I also had a crazy airport adventure, although nowhere near as crazy as yours. But my first time traveling overseas, or even being at the airport, I lost/misplaced my dad while we were boarding the airtrain. I was like 9 at that time and barely spoke English, so it was just devastating of a situation. It was at a New York airport and my dad and I were dragging a few luggages each, and by the time my dad finished dragging his luggages into the air train, the door started closing on us, and I was too wussy and didn't want to get stuck in between the closing door (it moves so fast and it looks so big and painful and intimidating to be stuck in), so I did the most stupidest thing and decided to back out from the train instead of just walking right in.. It was sad and we were caught off guard lol. I ended up catching the next airtrain flight because thankfully I remembered the station we were heading to, and my dad was there at the station waiting for me. And oh did I mention I didn't have a cell phone at that time.. It was just a really scary experience lol.

    Thanks for sharing! Have a good one!