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    are you a germaphobe?

    created by 290 days 14 hours 11 minutes ago

    Category: World

    are you a germaphobe?

    To what extent would you go to avoid other people's germs? Do you not partake in the art of double dipping? Do you not share eating utensils with others? Finishing other people's half eaten food? Abstaining from kissing or other fluid-exchanging activities?

    I don't think I'm a germaphobe around people I know well, but I would probably hesitate sharing food or spoon with somebody I barely know. I feel like I don't mind double dipping even with strangers since there's a trick to double dipping, as long as you're not dipping the part you just had your saliva all over, it's cool with me lol.

    What are some conditions people have to pass in order for you to do these germ-sharing activities with?

    Thanks! Have a good one!

    Re: are you a germaphobe?


    I wouldn't call myself a germaphobe. I think one exposed to a certain amount of germs to keep the immune system going such as dirt and mud. If you always use everything sterile and disposable, you will get sick the first time you have to encounter the normal bacteria. People from developing countries have stronger a immune system and more diverse microbiome because of their constant exposure to non-sterile environments

    I will share bottle and food and silverware with my partner, of course, but no, I would not share it with others. I wash my hands often as recommended by the CDC. There are many unwanted germs on cellphones and door knobs so I avoid touching the door handle after I wash my hands at work and at school. I also avoid cough or sneeze with my elbows rather than my hands to avoid spreading cold-like symptoms.

    Happy Saturday!!!


    Re: are you a germaphobe?


    I am but not to the extend to where I have OCD. I am going to be a nurse after all so my job is to keep everything as clean as it can be. I'm the kind of person who likes to have her own things when it comes to eating. I don't like to eat from the same utensils as any family members or friends. I can give them some but I don't want their hands touching my things. I have never double dipped or finished anyones food.

    As for kissing I have only kissed my fiance and that is all lol

    Have a great day!

    Re: are you a germaphobe?

    Good afternoon,

    I am not a germophobe
    At all.. lol

    Have a great day,

    Re: are you a germaphobe?

    Hey mini,
    I don’t think I was a germaphobe until I had children. Now I constantly worry about germs because when my kids are sick, they only want to cling to me and I’m the primary person caring for them.

    The grossest one to me is shoes on the carpet or in the house. Kids crawl and are all over the floor and it’s disgusting thinking about what’s hiding in the carpet.

    My in-laws are always inconvenienced when I ask them to take their shoes off at the door. They also wear shoes on their carpet that is over 30 years old...Lord knows what kind of bacteria is in that thing.