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    How do you like your classes this semester?

    created by mkwilliams1117 290 days 19 hours 20 minutes ago

    Category: Education

    How do you like your classes this semester?

    Hey Everyone!

    I hope you're having a great start to your weekend!

    We're all in different walks of life here. Many of us are in school, many of us have graduated and are working towards paying off our student debt.

    If you're a student:

    How do you like your class(es) this semester? Is there one in particular that you're getting a lot out of? What class do you love? Do you have a class that seems pointless?

    If you're a graduate:
    Reflecting on your education, do you think that most of your classes were relevant? Is there one that stands out that was your favorite? Did anything seem to not be relevant and all (and prove not to be once you entered your career?)

    I got my B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and my MBA a few years after that. Even though many of my classes didn't seem relevant at the time, looking back, most of them actually were. Particularly, my core engineering classes were extremely useful and directly related to what I did in the field. My MBA helped me prepare for owning my own business, and ended up being very relevant as well. I'd say about 10% of my classes were a waste of time and money overall looking back, but those are pretty good odds!

    I look forward to reading your responses!

    Re: How do you like your classes this semester?


    This semester my course is pretty challenging. It is an online course and I have to devout a good 25 hours a week, no joke! There are about 3 papers due each week, online forums that I have to answer, and other small assignments each week. I have a busy work schedule so getting this work done each week is a challenge, but this what I need to do in order to get my degree and trust me I want that degree!

    The course ends in about 3 weeks though and I will start my next course right away. I will then complete hopefully 3 courses this summer as well. I'm going to be very busy!!



    Re: How do you like your classes this semester?

    Hi Megan,

    I'm enjoying all of my classes this quarter. They are all English classes online--two are composition classes and one is creative writing. I have a lot of writing to do, which I enjoy, but it has been time consuming. Luckily, my professors are great and the assignments are spaced out well so it is manageable. I am enjoying the creative writing class and have written a short story so far and some poems. I just have to write a play then I will be done with that class. My professors are published authors and professional writers with a lot of experience and incite that makes their classes fun. I would love to pursue freelance writing and they have made themselves available to offer any advice and answer questions.

    Re: How do you like your classes this semester?

    Good morning!
    This semester is my first round of clinicals and it's more involved and time consuming that any of the pre-reqs for sure! I've always studied well and not wasted mode all the time. But now, it's even more and the courses move so quickly and cover so much material and test in a short amount of time.

    Have a great day,