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    What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    created by Sunshine Song 291 days 4 hours 44 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    What kind of alarm clock do you use?
    Do you use a real digital alarm clock an old fashion analogue alarm clock?
    Or are you the vast majority that use their cell phone alarm clock?
    What sound does it make?

    I recently switched to my old digital alarm clock. I think I have had this since second grade. It is a simple 12 hour alarm clock that makes an annoying sound that will go indefinitely until it is turned off. I put it on my desk, which is on the opposite side of my room. This has helped me get up in the mornings easier.

    I used my iPhone's alarm clock for over a year and it worked just fine. Once, I changed my alarm clock to Bach Cello Suites and to "Prelude". I figured out very quickly that that was not a very good alarm clock. I also still use my phone's "Bedtime" alarm clock so that five minutes before my annoying alarm clock goes off I hear bird sounds. :)



    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hello Song!

    Like most people, I use my iPhone's alarm clock.

    My phone has all the basic setting, so I have the alarm noise that almost everyone has. What is funny about that is today I was sitting in a restaurant having lunch with my sister. Someone's alarm cam on with the identical ringtone my alarm has. I immediately cringed. It is funny how a noise can trigger annoyance like that. It is a classic case of Pavlov classic conditioning except I did it to myself!

    I heard that using your phone's alarm clock is hard on the phones battery long term. I want to get a real alarm clock, but my night stand is already so cluttered. They should make a lamp, diffuser and alarm clock all in one!!

    Thanks for the forum!


    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hey Song!

    I use my phone as well. I switch the sound every now and then but it's usually a sound called "walking in a forest" from Samsung.

    Using my phone is really convenient, but sometimes it doesn't set correctly or my phone dies for whatever reason and it can really screw thing up.

    Havea good one!

    - Anna

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    I used phone as my alarm clock. I used to not, but it became the norm and the most convenient so I carried on with it.

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hi Song Mei,

    I use my phone as an alarm the majority of the time. However, in the past I used my normal alarm as an alarm and it was very loud and obnoxious!

    ~Riley G. O'Brien

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    I use about five different alarms set on my smartphone! :) I have actually never owned a real alarm clock, before I had a phone, I just had my parents wake me up hahah because they were always naturally up before me. Although there were plenty of times in which I was late because they forgot they were supposed to wake me up!

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?


    I use my iphone for my alarm but always set two because I am paranoid I won't wake up! I have the really obnoxious ring tone to so it usually startles me quite a bit. But, my favorite is when I can wake up naturally with the light.


    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Song Mei Doran,

    I have an app on my Iphone called "Alarmy". Alarmy has a function which forces you to do a certain task once your alarm goes off. For example, once I turn my alarm clock off on my phone I need to complete five semi-challenging math problems; if no activity happens for a certain period of time, the alarm clock rings again and the problems start over. The alarms they have as an option are also very loud and annoying, which works for me because I'll fall right back asleep.

    I like Alarmy because I had a habit of turning off my alarm and falling back asleep immediately. With Alarmy my brain is stimulated first thing when I wake up and I can't turn off the noise and fall back asleep as easily.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hey Song,

    I have my phone as my alarm clock. I have it set up to the days I go to school and other times I prefer to wake up. I have never had an actual clock with an alarm. I usually always woke up early. I din't need an alarm. Of course that was when I was getting enough sleep and my mind would just wake up on it's own. Ever since nursing school, I definitely needed an alarm because I wan't getting enough sleep and had hard time waking up in the mornings. Or I force myself to get up and study early. So I only have my phone set up and nothing else.

    Have an awesome day!

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    I also use my phone as my alarm clock. I don't think I've ever used the old fashioned alarm clock before even, you know one of those alarms with the two ticks on its head that looks like ears and when it sounds off it would be hitting those ticks back and forth. It looks too complicated to use too to be honest. So I resort to using the simple one on my phone. I think it's more convenient too because I can set up whatever ringtone I want to wake me up every morning! I used to set it up as my favorite song, but waking up super annoyed every morning to my favorite song wasn't a good idea lol, so now I just have it as one of those defaults alarm ringtones on my phone.

    Have a good one!

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    It seems like almost everyone uses their phone as an alarm clock. The only downfall is if it dies or the ringer is off. This has definitely happened to me.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hello CNET community!

    I unlike most folks here, I actually use an atomic clock. It has a very load but monotone alarm sound when the alarm clock goes off. I've tried using the an alarm on my phone, but the alarm sound is never loud enough so I sometimes sleep through the alarm. It's not very convenient for me when I have to wake up early for class or worse for work. I also like this clock because I have the exact time set automatically.


    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Good afternoon!

    I use my phone with a lot of alarms set minutes apart and also Alexa as a backup lol

    Have a great day,

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hi Song,

    I inky use my phone as an alarm clock but I also want to try an actual alarm clock just in case my phone is low on battery and die. Sometimes I worry that my phone will die making me miss the alarm. I think getting an actual alarm clock would definitely be a great idea.

    Thanks and have a great night!

    - Unique

    Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

    Hi Song,

    I also use my iPhone, except when I was grounded and my phone was taken away them my parents bought me an alarm clock, a digital one. I don’t get in trouble too much so iPhone for the win.

    Have a nice day!