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    Last movie seen in a theater?

    created by JamesP1977 296 days 8 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Last movie seen in a theater?

    Good morning!

    What was the last movie you saw in the theater?

    I went to try to see Jumanji on Christmas Day- but it was sold out!

    Have a great Friday!


    Re: Last movie seen in a theater?

    Just a couple of days ago I saw Black Panther. It was a really good movie, I highly recommend it.


    Re: Last movie seen in a theater?


    I have recently seen Star Wars: the Last Jedi and the Post.

    The Last Jedi has gotten mixed reviews from Star Wars fans. Everyone has their reasons, but I believe people want a certain event or movie walking into the theater, and then they are disappointed when they didn't see the movie they were expecting. Of course, this does not account for all of the people who disliked it, but I would say a large portion.

    Personally, I like the movie because of how different it is. Why would I want to see the same Star Wars movie over and over again, just with different settings and characters? Change is inevitable, especially with a popular series such as Star Wars. The message of "let the past die" not only is a very important thing to take out of the movie, but Disney used the theme to construct a Star Wars which is different from the rest of the saga.

    As for the Post, I am refreshed to see a movie which is not all action and violence and battle. The movie was not a typical blockbuster, but that's okay. Despite the slower pace, the storyline continued constantly and there was never a point where I was bored or not engaged. I enjoyed the Post, simply because the theme was something other than the basic cookie-cutter movies which seem to be filling up the theaters lately.

    I definitely recommend both the Last Jedi and the Post. Thank you for reading!


    Re: Last movie seen in a theater?


    Star Wars



    Re: Last movie seen in a theater?

    Black panther!