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    Dinner for four

    created by kulanuikala 293 days 16 hours 52 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Dinner for four

    Hey everyone,
    Here's a famous question I came across recently that I thought might be good for discussion... what three people, living or dead, would you like to have dinner with?
    I'll have to give it some thought to...

    Re: Dinner for four


    I really like this question. I would love to have dinner with both of my grandparents which have passed away and my grandpa’s sister. I really miss all three of them. All have passed away and it would be great to see all three together and make dinner for them.

    Have a great day!

    Re: Dinner for four


    If we were going to spend the whole dinner "talking shop" as they say, I would have to do some research before making a guest list. Since I write (or try to write) music for movies, I could invite John Williams, Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman. But I would bet that none of the three ever had to sell one of his pieces on websites such as Taxi or Broadjam. So what I would really want is to find someone who is a couple steps ahead of me and ask him or her how to bridge the gap. How did they market their compositions effectively? What is the best deal you can expect re publishing rights? Is it worth forming my own publishing company? They might not want to tell me, no one really likes competition (even if they say they do).

    Or I could go the personal route like NjBr and invite my mom and my dad (both deceased) to dinner. But then I would feel terrible about who the third person should be. No matter how I chose, I would feel guilty about who got left out. The reunion between my mom and dad would be nothing short of breathtaking. But I have three siblings and only one spot left at the table.

    You know what might be a hoot? I could invite Trump, Hillary and Bernie to dinner! That would be some lively conversation, right?

    Re: Dinner for four

    Oh, fun forum. This is one of those questions you get asked sometimes in school and I always have a different answer because there are just so many people I want to pick the brains of ... and not in a bad, zombie sort of way, but more in an "Oh my goodness, I think you are an amazing person" kind of way.

    One person I would like to have dinner with would be Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, politician and intellectual. His influence in improving the human condition and promoting American freedom is unquestionable. He helped draft the constitution, establish public libraries and published many interested articles in the Poor Richard's Almanac which he started. He was a leader, a man ahead of his time and the world is better off because of his many contributions. In our own day, we need men and women to stand with courage, faith and determination to follow his example and do whatever we can to improve our lives and better the communities of which we are a part. There is no doubt that Benjamin Franklin is one of my people haha

    If I could have dinner with anyone alive today, my emotional, irrational side would want dinner with David Tennant. If you don't know who that is, he was the tenth Doctor ("Doctor Who") and was in the fifth Harry Potter movie. He's the only celebrity I've ever had a legitimate crush on. He's Scottish, brilliant, and sexy as hell. I've never been one to have crushes on celebrities,

    However, my LOGICAL side would most definitely win. I think I'd choose to have dinner with Stephen Hawking. I would love to pick his brain.

    Hope you have a great Friday!!!

    Re: Dinner for four


    I would like to have dinner with my grandma Genevieve may she rest in peace, my mother, and my daughter.
    Four generations together.


    Jenelu Rose

    Re: Dinner for four


    Logically, everything would flow best if everyone shared something in common.

    Writers: Walt Whitman, William Shakespeare, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.
    Scientists: Kip Thorne, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman
    Musicians: Kurt Cobain, Johannes Brahms, Keith Buckley
    Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp

    The conversations would be so profound-- I would never want to leave. Honestly, there'd be a giant list of people I would do anything to even have a conversation with, but these are the first people that come to my mind.

    Thank you!

    Re: Dinner for four

    I’m going to try and be easy so here it goes:

    Thomas Edison- Id ask him if he actually got the invention from someone else.

    Snoop dog- ask him I could actually be his friend if I didn’t smoke.

    The general in an afterlife- I would ask him whether he thought about the decision to invade North Korea and if he realized how different Korea would be today.

    Re: Dinner for four

    hey everyone,
    been enjoying your thoughts on this topic. lots to think about. i like the idea of having a list of personally significant people and one of historically or professionally significant people. the first people that came to my mind was jesus, siddhartha and muhammad! try to finally figure out exactly what they want to say and try to resolve the different interpretations of their teachings. i guess that's kind of a lot to address over a dinner.... it may need to be more a series of dinners and a few brunches thrown in.
    have a good weekend, k