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    Group Projects?

    created by Phoenician 298 days 15 hours 30 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Group Projects?

    Good evening Cnet, congrats to this weeks winners.

    So, I'm a business major and as a result I've been a part of many group projects. Everything from presentations to massive business plans that take hours of individual work and group coordination. I've found that there are things that I really like about group projects. There's the advantage of having multiple experts. Maybe I'll meet someone that I like and that is genuinely helpful. That being said, we all know the bad end of group projects. So, what are your thoughts? Do you enjoy group projects? Or do you find yourself cringing at the very mention of them? I hope you're all doing well and am eager to hear your thoughts.


    Re: Group Projects?

    Hey Phoenician!

    Group projects, in my experience, can be hit or miss! I have had some awesome groups in which everyone participates and the project turns out awesome! However, I have also had some group members that haven't pulled there own weight. I am a social person so I would say I enjoy group projects because they can be super fun!

    For other repliers, do you prefer to pick your group or be assigned a group? Have you had issues working with friends?


    Re: Group Projects?

    Hey Phoenician!

    I generally enjoy group projects. It can be a real drag when someone doesn't participate and that can kind of spoil the whole experience, but I love working with others and using our strengths!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Group Projects?

    Hey there,
    I usually dislike group projects. Especially as a grad student, mom and full-time employee, it is hard enough to find time to get my class work done let alone find a time that works with everyone in the group. Another thing about group work that can be hit or miss is the quality of work your classmate might put in. I've had people that have been very limited with their interactions with the group to people that have been over the top.

    The learning experience from this is this is exactly how a work environment is. I am a Project Manager so I am the one scheduling meetings and ensuring everyone is doing what they should be doing and the project is completed on time. It can be frustrating but this is the real world.


    Re: Group Projects?

    Hi everyone!

    I do not like group projects. I prefer to work on my own. I find them to be very frustrating. Sometimes you have unequal participation from group members. Sometimes you get people that want to take over the whole project or sometimes you get a person that contributes very little to the group.