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    Money = Happiness?

    created by MadHatcher 293 days 18 hours 57 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Money = Happiness?

    Hey CNET.

    Do you believe money equals happiness?

    Money can represent many things: business, success, etc... but does it represent true happiness?

    Le Penguin

    Re: Money = Happiness?


    No I do not believe money equals happiness. I believe being happy comes from the inside. If you were happy without money you could only fake so long before reality hits. Money can buy temporary happiness. It does not nessicarily male one actually happy.

    - Julia

    Re: Money = Happiness?

    Hey Le Penguin,

    I believe money affects happiness, but I don't believe it's required for happiness. Obviously I think it makes a difference if you're above or below the poverty line but I rate my happiness on a multi-scale system. One- finances, two- relationships, three- work, and four- health. I can see this applying to others too, where you can be lacking in one area but the rest make up for it. Again, I'm not talking about levels of poverty where you're directly feeling miserable due to money, but people who make enough that their needs are met.

    Personally, I don't see myself ever being rich. I define rich as the point where I could set my bills to automatically withdraw from my bank account with me never having to check it. I think I'll always worry about money even if technically I do make enough some day. So, I'm building those other areas. I've taken control of my health, losing 25lbs in the last 3 months. I've built my relationship with my boyfriend, and strengthened my relationships with new and old friends, and with family. I found hobbies (that don't cost much) and I just got a new job. All in all I am happy with my life and while I certainly don't think I'd be miserable making 6 figures, I don't think money alone can make me happy.

    Before I end my post I wanted to link this article I found the other day that relates- it's not a perfect article (I prefer to read the study's manuscript myself after learning about assessing studies in college) but is definitely interesting to think about!

    Great post! Have a great night!

    Re: Money = Happiness?

    Hi Le Penguin,
    Thanks for the post. I agree with aniimal lover that money does not equal happiness. But I think money is power. Power to shape a life for better or worse. I can't speak to their overall happiness, but I think of those stories of people who win, inherit or earn large sums and watch their life in general take a bad turn. I can't imagine they would say money brought them happiness. And Elissa...way to gol Your determination and will are your power. Sounds like you've really taken control of your life and finding your own happiness!

    Re: Money = Happiness?

    Hey Penguin,
    Money can certainly help happiness but unless you are a happy person, money will certainly not solve it!

    I think about how happy I would be when my student loans are finally paid off. I will probably scream and cry at the same time because I am so.dang.tired. of paying on these things with outrageous interest rates!!


    Re: Money = Happiness?


    I think money is stability. While money itself isn't necessarily happiness it's an opportunity to make yourself happy. It helps you when tragedy strikes, cover costs in emergencies. Things that would destroy a poor family (such as a death or chronic illness) are less impactful to those with wealth. That being said, money also brings stress with it. From people pestering you to help them, to managing it in a way that you don't accidentally destroy yourself. But I think the stresses of managing money are significantly smaller than the stresses of not having any.

    Then there's the opportunity to buy things that you like. Good food makes me happy, as does quality things. With money I can improve the basic elements of life and then improve upon the luxuries. If you want to be more analytical about it, the first two elements on Maslow's hierarchy can be meet almost entirely by money. Then each one after that is probably easier if you're not working all the time, or if it affords you the ability to go out and do more things. So while money isn't a guarantee, it's certainly better than no money.


    Re: Money = Happiness?

    Hey there! My husband and I are very money aware. We follow Dave Ramsey and have begun our journey working on our debts and our daily budget. I believe money enhances happiness but I don't believe it = happiness! Happiness is something someone has to make for themselves. I don't think anyone should rely on something or someone to make them happy, it has to come from within!