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    Quantity or Quality

    created by Mjrdpl16 250 days 19 hours 38 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Quantity or Quality

    Good evening from what seems to be the snow Capitol of the U.S. here in Joliet, Illinois with just a mere 12 inches of snow. I did manage to work a half day today..Yeah me. Ok, when shopping for groceries or household items, i.e. toilet paper, paper towels, or dish soap. What do you look for? Quantity or Quality? Does it matter?

    Re: Quantity or Quality


    I guess for a lot of those items i look for quantity (in otherwords, getting more for my money) but I have to get better quality things in certain areas. For example, I have to use particular laundry detergents because some of them give me a rash!

    Have a good one!

    - Anna

    Re: Quantity or Quality

    Good evening,
    Agreed. Some things I do have to do quality over quantity. I'm not single and reside by myself at the moment. When my boyfriend and I started dating I was so worried if I bought cheap paper plates or napkins. Now, when he comes over...I'm like, wanna go to the Dollar Tree and by cheap plates..he's like cool. Ok. Thanks for stopping by and posting... Have a great weekend...

    Re: Quantity or Quality

    Hi Mjrdpl16,

    I definitely go for quantity. I always go for the cheapest per unit so I can buy the most for the least amount of money!


    Re: Quantity or Quality

    When I was younger I favored quantity. As I’ve gotten older I’ve appreciated quality more. It seems more everlasting and can be better savored.