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    Do you have pets ?

    created by animal lover 282 days 18 hours 41 minutes ago

    Category: Science

    Do you have pets ?

    Hello Everyone,

    Who has pets on here ?

    I personally do not have an Animal because my apartment makes you pay a a hearty deposit for animals. I think it's better that I wait until after I am out of college and I have a house to get a pet. I wish I had a couple of dogs , but I know I will have a lot if animals in the future.

    What kind of animal is it ?

    - Julia

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Hi Julia,

    I don't live with my parents anymore, but when I did we had cats. Currently we only have two but before I moved out we had four. Cats are my favorite so it's been tough living away from them so long. I can't wait to move into an apartment so that I can have a pet again. I'll probably get a dog next just because my boyfriend is allergic to cats, but hopefully some day we can find a hypoallergenic one!

    That's a shame there's such a big fee to have a pet. I get that some people don't take good care of their pets and the apartment owner probably doesn't want to have to clean up pet mess, but I can't imagine how a responsible pet owner would cause much or any trouble in an apartment. I think though from what friends have said that's fairly normal around here.

    Have a good weekend!

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Hey Julia,

    I recently just got a new kitten and she is so adorable. She is now almost 4 months old and so darn cute. I've never had a kitten before, so I had no idea how "energetic" and "playful" they can be. She certainly has the run of the place around here.

    She really likes to snuggle and the purring is unbelievable. I never had pets growing up as my mom was not to fond of animals so this has been a great experience.

    Have a great weekend!!


    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Hey animal lover,
    i've actually never had a pet. My dad used to take us to the cathouse at the humane society to hang out with the cats since my mom didn't let us have one. (Sounds so sad reading that!)

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    What a heartwarming question,

    I have a cat named Smokey, she's an affectionate grey putty tat and I've had her since I was 5. I went to a daycare who took care of her mother and when the mom had kittens the kids got to keep them. She might be the nicest cat I've ever meet which can be really nice.


    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Hey there,
    We just recently got our chocolate lab named Bodhi. He is incredibly sweet and a great addition to our family. He actually loves rocking himself to sleep in the baby chair we have lol

    We had a German Shepherd named Bear prior to him. We had lost him to a nasty fight against an autoimmune disease and that was one of my hardest days having to say goodbye to him.

    Pets are family and add such a wonderful dimension to any household!


    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Good morning!

    Growing up, more than half of my life we had my Labrador/Beagle mix Holly. She was my best friend; I lost her to heart failure, and I miss her more than words can express. Someday I hope to have another dog, but right now it's too painful. I convinced my parents to let me get a kitten, and we found my rescue kitten Iroh. He's part Siamese, and very very adorable.

    My boyfriend has two cats, Smokey (a Russian Blue) and Chrome. Iroh loves going to visit them and even though Chrome is three times his size, they wrestle and play and Chrome lets him win sometimes. It's cute. I wish I could attach pictures to these!

    I hope you can move to a place that's cool with animals soon! They are definitely family and I think everyone should experience the love of a pet at least once in their lifetime.
    Have a great day!

    Re: Do you have pets ?


    We have a brindle pit bull named Lou, a red border collie named Elsa (I got her before frozen came out. lol. She’s named after Elsa Van Helsing in Frankenweenie) and a sphynx (hairless) black cat named Parvus Vespertilio which means “the small bat” in Latin. We call him Vesper or Tilio for short. :)

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Good morning,
    Well...I have 8 rescue cats, a rescue dog and rescue bunny. They are the loves of my life. I worked with a cat rescue years ago because of the insane population of feral cats in my neighborhood. Every cat I have is a rehabilitated feral alley cat. I put all of them through the spay and neuter program at the rescue and work with each one to domesticate. All of them came at different times, so I didn't have all of them at once. They all have had behavioral, psychological, and health issues. Psychological meaning excessive grooming issues from stress, biting, and other issues. My dog is a rescue from a local shelter and my bunny was found by my neighbor in our alley shortly after Easter 5 years ago. Gee...think someone got him for Easter and ditched him? Yes, I know they did. You will get the pets you so long for. I had to wait my entire life until I was 29 because we couldn't have oers when I was growing up. You'll make a great pet parent. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    I'm in the same boat as you - counting on a dog filled future!

    I'm just afraid to get one now because I don't want it to get lonely in my little studio apartment while I'm at work all day. I've been looking into fostering though so maybe I'll be able to give some pups a home for a short while(:

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    I never cleaned my fish tank when I was little because I was scared to take the fish out of the water, seeing as that would suffocate them.

    I still feel terrible for those fish.


    I do love dogs though. Cooper my labradoodle is the cutest. He frolics when he runs.

    Re: Do you have pets ?

    Good evening!
    I have two yorkies...male and female..Izzy and Junior...

    Have a great night,