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    Favorite TV shows to re-watch?

    created by wheninroma 276 days 20 hours 27 minutes ago

    Category: Entertainment

    Favorite TV shows to re-watch?

    The Office, Parks & Recreation, Master of None are among my favorite to watch on repeat.
    I think comedy often reflects social and political attitudes - esp with the burst of international comics like Trevor Noah and Hassan Minaj, it's a way of expanding our perspectives and challenging our notions of how the world works without always realizing what we're doing because were laughing.

    So I'm always drawn to that genre of TV shows for rewatching/deconstructing purposes. What's your go-to?

    Re: Favorite TV shows to re-watch?

    Hi, I like Criminal Minds, Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Frontier, and Flip Flop house shows for one; along with cooking shows. Or the series 100, Arrow and movies with Adam Sandler or Jason Statham.

    - W

    Re: Favorite TV shows to re-watch?

    Hi wheninroma,

    I don't watch too many shows often, but I do watch Parks and Rec and Person of Interest a couple of times over. I like Parks and Rec for the humor and Ron Swanson's political opinions of course. I really like Person of Interest for the action and the premise behind it. Outside of that I don't really watch any other shows more than once.