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    Do you know how to swim?

    created by Mjrdpl16 283 days 12 hours 55 minutes ago

    Category: Sports

    Do you know how to swim?

    Greetings and Good Friday evening Eve. Well here in JTown otherwise know as Joliet we are looking at up to 15 inches of snow by morning...Really...Yes were due but come now..Ok, my question is do you know how to swim? Do you think it's an important life skill to have. We obviously don't need swim suits here right now but just a little something to ponder. If I don't return right away, I'm may have gotten swallowed by a snow drift. Have a great weekend all.

    Re: Do you know how to swim?


    Yes I do know how to swim! But I hate swimming. I don't like getting my hair wet, I HATE chlorine, and I have a unfounded phobia of fresh water because of amoebas and leeches. And the ocean???? I live on the west coast where the water is no where near swimming temperature.

    So, I think if it was life or death I could swim, but I'd rather not.

    Thanks for reading!


    Re: Do you know how to swim?


    I think I do, but I don’t ! I’ve discovered I cannot float, so yes I am frightened to drown. I am just kinda using “doggy” method when inside a deep pool. Usually that doesn’t last and start freaking out ...almost feels like quick sand where you keep moving and end up making things worse.

    I want to learn to swim’ll never know when someone might need your help.

    Good night

    Re: Do you know how to swim?

    I do know how to swim and I really think everyone should learn. At the very least like Sarah said you can save your own life. And you can attend all those pool parties with confidence!

    Re: Do you know how to swim?

    Good evening,
    Yes that is a very valid concern. I love water and can swim, but I'm seriously phobic about the same. All the stories I've heard about amoebas and things going up your nose ect. So good to hear. All we have is rivers and lakes here and if it's not in a regular pool, I'm out. Thanks for stopping by... Have a great weekend

    Re: Do you know how to swim?

    Greetings and Good evening,
    Awe...I didn't learn to swim until I was 9. I have ADHD and getting a distracted kid with ADHD to focus on swimming...good luck. Well I did and I'm a great swimmer but don't get to that often. Might I add that it was very thoughtful of you to mention that you'd like learn in case someone needed help. That's very selfless and a great quality. Not to many people think about the other person first. Very admirable quality. Check out a YMCA or local park district program that's affordable. You be learning in no time. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend.