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    Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    created by annabrigitte 347 days 6 hours 10 minutes ago

    Category: Technology

    Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    Hey CNet!

    There are a ton of apps out there that can help you keep track of nutrition and exercise. Do you use these apps? Why or why not?

    I don't use any apps like this. A lot of the time, tracking things like calories and steps can make me very anxious and stress me out!

    I'd love to hear your thoughts!

    - Anna

    Re: Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    Hey Anna!

    MyFitnessPal is an app I use to keep track of meals and how much water I'm taking. It did stress me out at first, but knowing that you don't have to input every single little detail in the app is helpful. The app is basically a huge compilation of people contributing details of meals they've ate that another person might've eaten. So in the end, all you really need to do is put in the food you ate, how many servings, and that's pretty much it! Everything else is calculated and tracked for you.

    - Kyle

    Re: Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    Hello ,

    I have been considering getting a fit bit. I have been trying to keep track of everything myself. I do not like being precise about my meals and calories. I would be disappointed if I fell short. I am okay with things being a little ambiguous.

    - Animal Lover

    Re: Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?


    Like Kyle said, MyFitnessPal is awesome! You enter the food you eat and it provides a caloric count for the day. It also provides a recommended maximum amount of calories that you should eat based on what your goals are. There's another app by the same company, I believe it is called MyRunningPal, and it tracks how far you run, how fast, how many calories you burn, etc.. Both are super awesome apps for those determined to lose weight!

    XOXO Karly

    Re: Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    Hey Anna!

    I must say I feel the same as you about these kinds of apps. I've tried using multiple ones in the past, MyFitnessPal being one of them, but I find that it almost causes me to become too fixated on what I'm eating and also becomes a source of anxiety. Now I am just trying to become more aware of my body, when I'm hungry and what I'm eating. I haven't used any apps to aid me and I find that mentally I'm in a much better place. I definitely get the appeal of them and can definitely see how they can be so helpful, but I don't think they are for me.



    Re: Apps for diet, exercise, etc.?

    Hey Anna,
    I have the Fitbit app that is connected to my scale so that tracks my weight. It's pretty awesome when you hit a goal or a milestone because it will send you badges and congratulate you. It's little but it's also a nice way to start your day off too!

    Other than that, I had tracked my food intake and calories before and like you, it stressed me out. I feel what always works best for me is consistently trying to make good decisions and trying to be as active as I can.