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    Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    created by Sunshine Song 347 days 7 hours 30 minutes ago

    Category: World

    Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    What was the most beautiful sunrise you’ve seen like?
    What was the most beautiful sunset you’ve seen like?


    One of the most beautiful sunsets I have seen was in La Push, Washington. My boyfriend, who at the time we weren’t dating yet, went on a camping trip there. Although the day we arrived the sunset was absolutely breathtaking, we were still setting up and I was overwhelmed (in a good way) by everything around me.

    On the second day, golden hour arrived and everything was touched by the golden light. It was half tide, I don’t remember if the tide was going in or going out, but the waves were pretty loud. It almost looked as if the clouds were swirling, though there were only a few that sat in the sky. Most of the sky was gold and orange. Of course, the soft sand under my feet felt amazing. I almost could forget that I twisted my ankle an hour or so prior.

    I started up a conversation with this older couple and we chatted away. I felt so free to be with anyone in the moment. I could connect with anyone on the level of humanity because literally the sunset was so breathtaking. It was that beautiful. The sunset looked just like the Instagram photos, but 1000x better!

    As for sunrise, I remember being on a family vacation and I wanted to see a sunrise over the lake so badly. My dad's side of the family, several of his siblings and their spouses (all my aunts and uncles), rented a large house. We used to go to Seaside, Oregon but it got too expensive. This year we went to Brinnon, Washington. I fell asleep on the couch because I got up too early. My uncle woke me up and I wish I remembered more of it. I remember I was somehow surprised to see that the sunrise was just like a sunset, only softer, more white-gold, and you could feel the metaphysical shift between the peaceful, silent night and the buzz of the daytime.




    Re: Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    Hi Song,

    Your writing is superb, I feel like I'm experiencing these moments you described myself! The earth is full of beauty, and beyond is so mysterious.

    The best sunset I've experienced was from an airplane. Truthfully, I don't recall where I was flying to or from, but the view from the sky was so unique. I'm sure lots of people have similar feelings about seeing the world from miles above. The sky seems infinite, and I love how the day can be cloudy and dreary but above those clouds there's still a magnificent bright blue sky.

    I hope you get to see many more extraordinary sights throughout your lifetime.

    Thanks for sharing!


    Re: Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    Hi Song,

    The most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen was when I was in Duluth Minnesota looking over Lake Superior. It was around 5:30 in the morning and the sun was coming up over some fluffy white clouds. The sun reflecting off the clouds and shining through them. There was the shades of blue and purple all around the view and as it got closer to the sun, the shades got lighter and lighter turning baby blue and white. But below the sun near the lake, it was orange and light shades of red. The colors shining through the clouds were yellow.

    It was the most beautiful colors I've ever seen all at once. Since the sun was behind the clouds, I was able to stare right into the clouds without feeling like I was being blinded. For some reason, the clouds were also beating to my heartbeat as I was looking through them. The colors seemed to pulsate, it was breathtaking. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

    Thank you for reading, have a great day!


    Re: Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    Hi Song Mei Doran,

    My favorite sunset was on the coast of Washington. The warm rays and the cool wind blowing across my face felt so refreshing. I remember as the sun was going down the crowds on the beach of our fellow campers all caused to take a moment to worship the sun, giving full attention to its beauty and warmth. As the sun was going down kids and teenagers flocked to the highest point on the beach- The silhouettes of youngsters shielding their eyes from the bright sun. My girlfriend and I held hands listening to the waves as the sun went down.

    My favorite sunrise was on a sunrise hike that my friend and I took to Mount Pilchuck. We climbed up to an old fire watch tower on the highest point of the mountain. At the top we had panoramic views and share the moment with the other fellow ambitious hikers. I carved my nameOn a bench inside the cabin to mark my time. After sunrise we were so exhausted we slept on some rocks in the sun until noon LOL.

    Thank you for reading,

    Riley G. O ‘Brien

    Re: Rise In The East, Fall In The West

    Best Sunset for me was back in 2015, while I was in Qatar. it was extremely windy, I was walking to the local store, -the hazy cloudy sky was shadowing the sun. The sun was glowing reddish orange, never had I experience such an amazing sunset. I even took a picture of it. I cannot really recalled the best sunrise I have ever witness.